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4 Comments 10 June 2016

‘No Stopping’ to be introduced in Glenesk Road, Piha

Not sure how we’re being asked our opinion on this but . . . .

Auckland Transport is asking us how we feel about ‘No Stopping‘ being introduced to a large part of Glenesk Road.

Below:  At the end of Glenesk it is proposed that there be no stopping at all from the bridge at Stedfast Park to the park at the end then

Glenesk Road parking

Below: On the southern side the proposal is no parking from the end of Glenesk through to #43.

Glenesk Parking Piha

FEEDBACK:  Auckland Transport do not have an online feedback form (duh!) so if you’d like to let them know what you think you can print  GleneskRDFeedback out, fill it in and then snail mail it to them or email it to them!  While you’re doing that can you ask them why it’s not online too and how everyone is supposed to know about this !!!

Question:  What is AT trying to achieve here?  I’m very cynical so my immediate thought is this is part of ‘the great plan’ to restrict visitors to Piha and/or the Kitekite Falls.    I may well be wrong – I hope I am.

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4 Comments so far

  1. Bill Short says:

    Another absurdity by Auckland Transport, but after reducing the speed limit on the Piha Road to 70km/h, which now sees some cars travelling at 40km/h what do you expect?

  2. Graham Valentine says:

    Do you live at that end of Glen Esk Rd, Bill Short! Have you traveled there in the weekend afternoons? The council have made parking space in The Mill but the people are to lazy to walk back. Ask the house owners!

  3. Dianne Sparrow says:

    As a resident at the end of Glenesk Rd. We are not wanting to stop visitors from enjoying our beautiful bush walks but something must be done. We have had cars fall off the edge of the road. Vehicles have been blocked from getting out from the parking area at the entrance to tracks. I personally helped a bus back the full length of Glenesk Rd by stopping on comimg traffic and getting them to pull over to the edge, after dropping off tourists he could not turn around to get out. It has been total bedlam down here this past summer and not just the weekends. Yes the council has opened up part of The Mill camp area but that is no where near big enough either. As far as emergency vehicles getting access, that is another consideration also. Hate to say it but we could do with footpaths also for safety reasons especially with the Mill Camp up here and young people walking down the road in big numbers to get to the beach.

  4. Bobbie Carroll says:

    I hear you Dianne.
    What really bothers me is ‘who’ is consulted regarding these changes. I asked and this is the answer I got
    We have consulted with the Piha R and R Association, Waitakere Ranges Heritage Protection Society, Protect Piha Heritage Society, Walk Safe in Piha and Directly affected Individuals, the Waitakere Ranges Local Board and Auckland Council Parks, which is in line with the Engagement Process Guidelines for the Waitakere Ranges Local Board Area.” I have asked for a copy of this ‘guideline document’.
    Call me old fashioned BUT if they’re going to ask PPH and WRPS then they can ask me too !!! Grrrrr

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