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From ‘club’ to ‘pub’ – Piha SLSC

21 Comments 18 January 2015

‘Life saving club’  and ‘pop-up bar’ is surely an oxymoron

TVNZ01aOr is the idea to ‘save lives’  then get them on the Corona :  any problems from then on can be handed onto the Piha Volunteer Fire Brigade and 1st Response ?   I can’t get my head around this.

ONE News clip HERE

Other references:  Pop-up bar Piha Beach front  and  This is really not OK and of course Summer Road Safety Campaign







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  1. Bill Short says:

    When was the last time you visited the Gold Coast Bobbie? Virtually all surf clubs there operate bars, plus they have pokies, which must surely create problems with gambling addiction? What exactly is the difference between a bar and a pub?? The Surf Club operates in accordance with the liquor licensing laws that apply to this outdoor bar. I don’t recall you kicking up a stink when the Piha Café got a licence to serve alcohol, or is it that people who leave that establishment under the influence don’t crash their cars creating more work for the Fire Service and First Response? Once again your hypocrisy beggars belief, and the maleficent way in which you run down the Surf Club is nothing short of a disgrace, and something this community should be ashamed of.

  2. Bobbie Carroll says:

    The Gold Coast holds no interest, except a few friends, for me.
    The license for the Café was and is for clients to have a wine or beer with their meals. It is not a ‘bar’.
    I’m opening this up so the community can, if they wish, have a discussion. The ‘Corona Pop-up bar’ was created ‘under the radar’ without any discussion or notification/explanation to the Community.

  3. travis says:

    So what’s your point? The surf club is trying to raise money in a time where funds are becoming increasing harder to come by. Good on the surf club board!!!
    As for a couple of drinks after a day on the beach becoming First Response ‘s and Fires problem them I presume you have taken your concerns to the Bowling Club, RSA (Don’t get me wrong, both are brilliant establishments with great food and drinks), the existing surf club bar/restaurant, and the cafe?

    The editor clearly has their own agender.

    Good on volley organizations for the work they do and the efforts made to raise funds to do the job they do!

    • Jonathon Webber says:

      Well said Travis. Asking whether those who are rescued will then be offered a Corona is not only absurd and puerile, but an insult to all former and present lifeguards.

      • Bobbie says:

        Jonathon :
        It is not my intent to suggests that those that are ‘actually’ rescued are then offered a Corona . . . but that after rescuing people then the Corona is offered.
        I have the utmost admiration for all the lifeguards and medics at Piha SLSC – always have.
        My bewilderment is with the management of the Club that made the decision to install a ‘pop-up bar’ in front of the Club for possibly the busiest 6 weeks of the season. Surely you can auction beautiful photos without a bar?
        Again I’d like to emphasize – this is NOT about the life guards or medics.

        • Jonathon Webber says:

          The members (ie.Lifeguards) elect the management board Bobbie; this is called “having your cake and eating it too” or a “having a bob each way” – take your pick.

  4. Marc says:

    What I cannot understand is how this can possibly be legal. I mean to say, I presume that the Club has gone through all the proper processes to get approval for its outdoor pop-up pub, but that being the case, it seems remarkable that those processes did not seem to involve any consultation with the community. Still, I think it is a great way to make money – surely there is nothing better than a cold beer on a hot summer day at the beach. For its enterprise, (if not for its consultation with the community) the Club is to be congratulated, and I fully intend to follow suit, and open my own pop-up pub just along the road. Although the Club might be concerned about the prospect of competition, I am confident that the more pop-up pubs we have in Piha, the better as it will attract lots more people who want to drink cold beer on a hot summer day at the beach.

  5. Bobbie Carroll says:

    A local put the following to me: why not set up one or two large screens in the Surf Club ops room and use drones. Brilliant idea and very 2015 and leading edge.

    • Zane Goodwin says:

      Hey, what do drones and screens in operating rooms gave to do with a pop up bar? [ Edit ] I was just genuinely interested in finding out how this relates to a fundraiser for the surfclub?

      • Bobbie Carroll says:

        I understand the club is fundraising for building extensions. From the Club’s publicity:
        “Extend the front of club house to the west so that the South Piha car park, dunes and beach/water line from mid to high tide can be seen from the Life Guard Operations Room.” and
        “Raise the height of the Life Guard Operations Room to restores views of the beach over the sand dunes as they have grown in height since the Project 60 rebuild of the clubhouse 20 years ago.”
        Using a drone and large screens will increase all visibility from the Gap right up to north of the Rock – leading edge technology

  6. Bobbie Carroll says:

    If the people of Piha are happy with this then so be it. I’m all for the majority.

    It seems ironic that anyone else who has wanted to do anything, similar to this, in Piha has had to jump through a million hoops including ‘feedback’ request from the R&R and every other man and his dog including prior notification to the surrounding neighbours. They are asked to put in ‘parking’ provisions plans, portaloos etc.

    I am not apposed to it, per se, but when ONE News named it ‘Pub to Club’ a number of people emailed and phoned me about this.

    It’s a significant change to the waterfront and warrants comment.

    Enjoy Piha . . . let’s hope everyone stays safe. (No hidden agenda here)

  7. Kris O'Neill says:

    Piha isn’t some kind of socialist republic. Obviously the club has complied with council liquor licensing and wasn’t required to gain permission from it’s neighbors in order to use it’s own property. [Edit]

  8. Bobbie says:

    Only four ‘commercial’ events per year are allowed on ‘private’ property – yip ! There was a complaint about a wedding we hosted and Council came and visited with their Bibles and told us so.

    Village Voice is for the people to have their say – thanks to those that have.

  9. Kris O'Neill says:

    If village voice is for locals to have their say, why are people’s comments being edited or deleted? The second half of my comment yesterday has disappeared.

    • Village Voice Editor says:

      No comments have been deleted : the comments had a shonky email and/or name.. so were not approved.
      Your post was edited down to what was relevant to the subject. You had added a new subject.

  10. Graeme Webber. says:

    From Club to Pub : I am surprised at this new 6-week Pop-Up Bar venture as no-one seems to have had any prior knowledge.
    I do wonder at the toilet situation and the Club’s availability of water, though my observation is that the wooden railing in front makes a suitable urinal.
    Frankly, with the problems NZ society has with drinking and the resulting carnage I don’t think this is such a great idea.
    Its a good publicity stunt for the brand involved though.

  11. Long time local. says:

    I am a local. I have been coming to Piha for years for our holidays . I am glad that Graham has put forward another locals point of view because he is not alone but like me,some of us feel a little intimidated if we complain about things. I am so unhappy about the club putting this new drinking area on the front of the club and the community never received any notice of it. I would not have supported such a change. The waterfront is so busy at this time of the year anyway and now we have many more cars taking up the car parks over the weekends. When we went down for a swim last weekend there was a lot of noise and many people. Is this the vision for the future? This is not the Piha I hoped for but then obviously our opinion counts for little against big business. I am one person who asked Bobbie to publish something here. Thank you for opening this up for discussion Bobbie.

    • Dave Atkins says:

      So it’s okay for people to have a drink upstairs inside the Surf Club bar, but not outside? Seems to be a double-standard here. Piha locals seem to think that they have to be consulted or grant approval to anything and everything. They need to move into the real world; this type of consultation doesn’t occur in the city. If the application complies with the law it is approved; if it isn’t then it is not approved. Things that have to be publicly notified are. You only have to look at the ridiculous decision to reduce the speed limit on the Piha Road to see how much sense public consultation makes. As for drink driving concerns; in case you hadn’t noticed, the road toll is falling and our breath alcohol limit is now lower than Australia’s! I have visited this outside bar a couple of times now, and the atmosphere is terrific. It’s a bit of fun, is raising some well needed funds for the Surf Club and in a few week’s time will be a distant memory when it is all dismantled.

  12. Village Voice Editor says:

    Village Voice is a privately owned website started years ago to let locals know what was happening; to put issues ‘on the table’ for discussion; and to be a vehicle for others to let the community know . . . . what they want the community to know.

    It is edited like any other group be it a community Facebook page, blog, mainstream media, local rag etc. If a comment is ‘off topic’ then it may be truncated or not published at all.

    The Editor does endeavor to be fair to ‘both sides’ in publishing comments if there are two sides.. It is also the Editor’s prerogative to write from a ‘point of view’.

    Items sent in by readers are published either with the writer’s name or not.

    The ‘club to pub’ term was initiated by TV ONE and ‘pop-up bar’ was by the Club itself was it not?

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