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You’re joking – surely ?

0 Comments 08 July 2016

I’m sure we all love the endangered Maui Dolphin

Mauis-dolphin1-300x197WRLB has granted $11,000 for testing thermal imaging and camera system


  1. Surely the costs of this should lie with Central Government and not Waitakere Local Board’s funding from Auckland ratepayers?
  2. “Why is our Local Board funding $11,000 of  our Local Budget for NZ Crown assets?”
  3. Are any other Local Boards financing this testing?

The application for ‘Local Board’ funds states:

  • Owners of the Property: NZ Crown are the custodians of NZ territorial waters where the research will be undertaken.
  • “To test and assess (sic) for the first time the detectability of Maui’s dolphins using a thermal imaging technique and camera system. . . “
  • “The outcome of the research is intended to provide answers to whether we can successfully use thermal imaging technology and technique to detect and directly protect Maui night and day from threats . . . . “

Who gets the Money:

Maui and Hectors Dolphin Defenders will receive the money as the ‘umbrella organisation’.

  • Chair of the ‘Defenders:  Christine Rose
    • Christine is ’employed’ by the Local Board as ‘Kauri Dieback Community Coordinator for the Waitakere Ranges‘ earning $45,000pa and is politically endorsed by WRLB Chair.

ChristineRoseaChristine Rose was endorsed by Waitakere Ranges Local Board Chair Sandra Coney as part of the Best for the West Team during the last Local Elections..

Sandra seconded the motion allocating these funds and voted on this $11,000.  Is this not a ‘conflict of interest?’.  Surely !


Local Board Agenda

  • DoC (Department of Conservation) have a maui-dolphin-five-year-strategy-and-research-plan that outlines a research strategy established by DOC and MPI that supports the Government’s vision that Māui dolphins be managed for their long-term viability and recovery throughout their natural range.  I believe this is where the costs should land.
  • DoC:  The decline of the Māui dolphin has resulted in multiple protection measures on the West Coast of the North Island

PLEASE NOTE:  This article is about our local Board’s funds and where they are spent.  It is not intended in any way to reflect on Martin Stanley who will be testing the thermal imaging.

NOTE:  It is not unusual for ‘Umbrella Organisations’ to receive funding for people/groups who are not registered charities or incorporated societies.  This is how the Piha Community Library received their initial funding.  They used the Piha Ratepayers & Residents Assn Inc. as a ‘umbrella group’.  Now the Piha R&R claim they own the library so it’s not without its dangers.

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