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1 Comment 09 September 2014

There are two weeds in Piha I hate with a passion.  One is climbing dock and the other is cape ivy.  Both are relatively the same to get rid of.  You must get the roots – either by hand or spray.  I prefer by hand.
Climbing docks tubular type roots are often quite close to the surface so with a trusty sharp knife you can dig and cut it out.  Here are quite a few I dug out of the bank near the Piha Beach toilets.  You can see the size of them by comparing them to the piece of flax next to them.   More information on Weedbusters HERE
The tubular roots of climbing dock

The tubular roots of climbing dock

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1 comment

  1. Martin says:

    I have just last week stripped a large cabbage tree of Cape Ivy, but have nowhere to put it, plus two piles of Wandering dew , Does any one know when there will be a weed bin in Garden Rd or some where else that is not already full of rubbish and weeds,

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