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You love Piha – really ?

0 Comments 24 May 2016

You say you love Piha –  but how ?

Latest Piha Readers and Writers event brought up some interesting discussion

Love Piha ?The latest event hosted by the Piha Community Library gathered Sir Bob Harvey, former Mayor of Waitakere, Sandra Coney, WRLB Chair and Bruce Hayward, ecologist with MC Mark Mitchinson.

The event was headed ‘Exploring the history of the West‘.   One could be excused for thinking Piha didn’t exist prior to the arrival of Pakeha but that’s another discussion.

One Piha resident described it as just another ‘Talk Fest’.   Interesting.  Let’s explore that.

We often hear, and certainly did at this event, of how much people ‘love Piha’. I’ve often been quoted as saying “Love is a verb”.   So if we love Piha how do we ‘do’ that?

Do we support our local volunteer groups like First Response,  Volunteer Fire,  Library,  CoastCare or our artists selling their wares in our Art Gallery?

Of course we aren’t obliged to do anything.  We can stay at home and love our own castle.  But do we even do that?

We live in an absolutely stunning environment with a wonderfully diverse growing population.

I want to ask  “If YOU love Piha so much do you support those that put so much into it like First Response,  Volunteer Fire,  Library,  CoastCare or our artists selling their wares in our Art Gallery?”

Like most of us my time is precious but I always have time for the above groups.  Imagine Piha Village without them?

My environmental ‘love’ is through the Beach Valley Road Project.  It’s a very healthy activity and I get to meet/chat with so many locals.  If possible I will attend any Piha CoastCare working bees even if it’s just to record them by taking photos.    I’ve been a member of this group for a very long time and was on the inaugural  ‘Trust’ when it branched out on its own.

020104_emM13_prvSo if you love Piha – I’d like to ask how you make that ‘love’ a verb?  You could help one of our oldest volunteer groups by attending this  if you have the time.  I appreciate our lives are busy with kids for some, work for others or our own personal priorities – just saying to cover my butt 

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