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X+Y 5th July

0 Comments 10 June 2015

X&YX+Y Is there a formula for love?

Piha’s Barnett Hall, 7:30 Sunday 5th July.  Pop corn included.  Early Bird $10

Confessions of a mathematical Olympian: an insider view of film X+Y | Science | The Guardian

X+Y, a star-studded British film about the travails of a British IMO hopeful who is struggling against the challenges of romance, Asperger’s and really tough maths.

Obviously, there were a few oversimplifications and departures from reality necessary for a coherent storyline. There were other problems too, but we’ll get to them later.

In order to get chosen for the UK IMO team, you must sit the first round test of the British Mathematical Olympiad (BMO1). About 1200 candidates take this test around the country.

The Guardian Review    

Barnett Hall website with more details.

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