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Worm fertiliser – $5 for Piha Library

0 Comments 07 April 2015

$$$ for our Library from each jar of pure worm fertiliser

  • These $5 jars will be available on the Library deck, below the notice board.
  • Please drop $5 into the libary or if it’s closed just drop it through the book return window.

WormTea02Left: This is our worm farm and it creates heaps of worm fertiliser for us.

I am selling it and all the  $$$ go to our Piha Library.  One 100g coffee jar of undiluted worm fertiliser  $5 each.

You can dilute the fertiliser 1 > 10 minimum and spray it on your vegetables, garden or lawn or dilute it and water your garden with it. The difference is astounding.  Call or text me, Bobbie,  021969924

WormTea01     WormTea03

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