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3 Comments 09 May 2015

Penny Hulse comments on Budget:

During the budget preparation Linda Cooper and I have ensured that the west has had a fair deal.

In particular:

  • The end of rates transition means that homes in the west now pay the same rates as a house of the same value anywhere else in the region. (we were paying a higher rate in the dollar previously)
  • We have a serious amount ofCAPEX spend for transport brought forward for the west.
    • New park and ride for Westgate (3.4 million)
    • Norwest busway now brought forward with preparatory works to start in the first 10 years (43 million)
    • TeAtatu interchange brought forward from 2020 (5.2million)
    • TeAtatu corridor works brought forward (13.5 million)
  • We have underwritten the Helicopter trust to ensure a new helicopter is able to be purchased, this is critical for our west coast.
  • Life Saving Northern region has $1.9 million for their much needed redevelopments.
  • We have reinstated the Sustainable Neighbourhood project which is at the heart of much of our volunteering in the west.
  • We have put back the Biocontrol collective funding ($158k) this is important to the Waitakere ranges.
  • We have also made available a $10 million CAPEX fund for our local board to spend locally on local priorities like Glen Eden.
  • The setting up of the new CCO Development Auckland will certainly ramp up the opportunities for new investment in Henderson and we have waited a long time for this and the work done by old Waitakere to get going again, this is the opportunity.

These are some of the regional budgets that are relevant to the west. The bulk of local spend is overseen by our two local boards and their budgets are available on-line.

Penny Hulse. Every day I hear someone say  “if only we had listened to Robbie and dealt with the transport problems of Auckland.”  We made a decision yesterday that progresses the real heart of transport needs in Auckland.


How much the Auckland transport levy will cost you.




TransportLevyUse How Money from the transport levy will be used.


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3 Comments so far

  1. Sandra Coney says:

    Hang on a minute, Bobbie. $10 million for CAPEX for local board, I don’t think so! The $10 mill is for all 21 Local Boards in the Auckland region. Our share is $300,000 which will not cover the money already taken away. It is one of the smallest allocations in the region. My understanding also is that in return for the restoration of the $156,000 biocontrol money, Biosecurity has to make $156,000 savings elsewhere.

    Sandra Coney
    Chair WRLB

  2. Village Voice Editor says:

    Checking on that $M10

  3. Village Voice Editor says:

    “Oops typing too fast . . . . in case people get too excited it isn’t $10 million for our local Waitakere board . . . . It is a $10million board CAPEX budget for all our boards. Just had it pointed out to me….sorry.” says Penny Hulse.

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