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Wood Sculpturer from Piha

0 Comments 23 October 2015

The talent we have out West

Andy Mardell is a Wood Sculpturer from Piha, West Auckland.  He collects crafts and sculpts native New Zealand timbers to capture and celebrate their magnificent grains and finishes.

You can meet and chat with Andy Labour Weekend Saturday 24th Oct 11am at West Coast Gallery Piha.

AndyMardell01aAndy has worked through many phases including the “Geometric Series”, a series of sculptured geometric shapes.  The burls have a wild wood grain and like nature it is these irregularities that add character, with each piece showing off bark and unusual grains or colours.
To test his craftsmanship Andy’s recently been working on some large human sized sculptures.  Each piece takes a long time to create. Andy says that “nature presents timber in unusual forms and he interprets these shapes in his creative way”.  This creative and symbiotic relationship is Andy’s tribute to New Zealand’s unique trees.

Please come along to view Andy’s very tactile exhibition at the West Coast Gallery in Piha from the 24th – 29th of November 2015 to be inspired.

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