Wonder what this stunner is?

2 Comments 22 January 2016

It’s my absolute all time favourite NZ Native

Gahnia xanthocarpa

Gahnia setifoliaDrive along  Piha Road at the moment and it would be hard to miss the  beautiful brown plumes you see everywhere – Gahnia xanthocarpa.




GahniaStop and grab a few seeds and throw them on your property, semi shade, and take a chance they’ll grow.




Black Sands LodgeHere is one of several on  Black Sands Lodge that just popped up.   I just love Gahnia.




It is very hard to grow Gahnia from a nursery.  Their roots just about die if you even look at them.

The ones on our property have grown naturally from wind born seed more than likely but if I do have to plant them, elsewhere,  I cut the bottom off the nursery black bag and plant it with the rest of the plastic still protecting the roots.  You can always remove it later.   Gahnia xanthocarpa

Bl;ack Sands Lodge

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2 Comments so far

  1. te Bounder says:

    mapere, tupari maunga

  2. martin says:

    Yes they are a nice change, from the Ginger and Pampas that the council allows to grow every where,

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