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Winter “seasonal issues”

0 Comments 24 April 2016

Your septic system during winter

smileWith more concrete, more tropical like rain and lack of storm-water infrastructure among the causes our septic tanks, especially older ones, have their own problems during winter.

We have noticed a higher ‘water table’ over the last winter or two and this causes problems with the ‘out flow pipe’, overland water and drainage field.

The following is an excerpt from Hydrovac’s latest newsletter:

“As we approach winter, the seasonal “issues” come through, usually being groundwater infiltration into tanks after heavy rain.  Something to keep an eye on if the tank is sitting low in the ground.  Care needs to be taken when landscaping an area where the tank is situated to ensure that the ground level does not get built up around the tank.  This can create ponding of water which could seep into the tank lids or the electrical control box, causing electrical failure and corrosion of the componentry.

We have some clients who have systems which are low lying on the property, and they have many high level water alarm activations during autumn and winter, with no issues in the dry months. Occasionally drain layers will install a tank at the foot of a slope and subsequently the tank is hit by surface water flowing into the electrical box. Small channel drains can be dug to divert the surface water away from the tank.”

We make sure the lid on our tank is tightly sealed and a small trench dug around it so the increasing level of overland water can drain away plus extra planting to slow that water down.

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