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Will ‘The Hillary’ return ?

1 Comment 03 October 2014

Lactic Turkey

Lactic Turkey

Auckland Council’s Regional Parks unit has received an application from Lactic Turkey Events, on behalf of the Hillary Trail Run Charitable Trust, to hold an event on the Hillary Trail in 2015

The proposed event follows the same format as the Hillary Trail Ultra running event which was approved and held on 29 March 2014.  It is comprised of a full course (80 km) from Arataki to Muriwai (up to 100 competitors); a mid-distance course from Piha to Muriwai (up to an additional 200 competitors) and a short course from Te Henga to Muriwai (up to an additional 200 competitors).


  • Approval was required from Auckland Transport for the use of public roads
  • Lactic Turkey Events was responsible for the collection and recycling of all rubbish
  • Approval was required from local boards for the use of open space under their management
  • The event was not to impact greatly on public access to or their enjoyment of the park/s
  • 50% of parking at all locations was to be left for public use
  • Appropriate health and safety plans and practices were engaged
  • All reasonable precautions to prevent fire were required with fire suppression material available
  • A communications plan to increase the awareness of kauri dieback was to be agreed
  • The event organiser was to provide a report back on their compliance with the consent conditions and any issues encountered/complaints received
  • Advertising and signage placement conditions were agreed to
  • Information regards the high conservation values of the Waitakere Ranges and stringent phyto-sanitary measures put in place, including the placement and compulsory use of Trigene stations and monitoring of those stations
  • Photo point monitoring of previously agreed sites was to be undertaken

Compliance with these conditions was reviewed after the 2014 event. The outcome of that review was:

  • The event organiser fulfilled the requirements to supply information to competitors on the Waitakere Ranges and risk to kauri presented by kauri dieback disease
  • There was 100 per cent compliance with the use of phytosanitary stations
  • One of the 17 phyto-sanitary stations was not installed, at the start of the Karamatura Loop Track.  This was the result of a communication error between the event organiser and the person installing the station.
  • Soil sampling and testing of soil from the phytosanitary stations did not identify the presence of PTA spores.
  • All approvals required from Auckland Transport and the local boards were obtained
  • All feedback and comments received by either regional parks or the event organiser were complimentary and positive
  • The photo point monitoring undertaken by regional parks showed no evidence of impacts to track surfaces or margins arising from the event.

Based on the success of the event in 2014, coupled with compliance with what we believe to be an effective risk management practice, regional parks staff are preparing a report for the Manager of Regional Parks, recommending approval of the event for the three year period sought, subject to conditions.

Photos: From the inaugural event held March 2014

Hillary2015c  Hillary2015k  Hillary2015e

Hillary2015h  Hillary2015d  Hillary2015f

Hillary2015a  Hillary2015j  Hillary2015g

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  1. Anon says:

    Seems reasonable. Nice to see people out enjoying the ranges and the environment.

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