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Who is representing who ?

3 Comments 18 November 2014

Piha volunteer FirePiha Volunteer Fire Brigade recommendations opposed by Local Board and Piha R&R

Our Piha Volunteer Fire Brigade work closely with NZ Police and Council on safety issues.

There have been at least three loss of control incidents in the last three years directly attributable to  chip either being tracked or flung.  Two of these were roll overs.

As a result Piha Volunteer Fire Brigade  recommended sealing of laybys  on the open road section and better management of  roading materials to minimise loose chip being tracked onto the road surface.

I would have imagined that if our volunteers, who attend to road accidents on Piha Road, ask laybys be sealed, to cut accident rates, that our Local Board and Ratepayers & Residents Assn would support them – no ???

The Waitakere Ranges Local Board  ” . . .  Local Board sees no need for sealing at these locations and would prefer that AT did not spend its funds on these projects”   (Agenda of Waitākere Ranges Local Board – 13 November 2014 )

Piha Ratepayers & Residents Assn  ” Proposed sealing of laybys: The Piha R&R supports the WRLB position on this subject.  However, we also support the sealing of the area adjacent to 59 Piha Road as this presents a further viewing point for visitors, especially at busy times when the current formal viewing areas are over run with vehicles.”   (Oral submission to WRLB by Ken Cowan Piha R&R 13/11/14)

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  1. Phelan says:

    I am gobsmacked and delighted by this, gobsmacked that your Local Board would not want AT to spend money on improving roads in your area, and delighted they do because maybe we can get some of that money spent in Rodney improving our crappy roads! (Phelan Pirrie, OIC Muriwai Volunteer Fire Brigade and Rodney Local Board Member)

    • Political fan girl says:

      Dear Phelan. I like your thinking. If only you were batting for our team. Perhaps you would consider running for Waitakere next term We tend to give money to the other local boards. We need someone with determination and rat cunning to be getting some stuff for our area! I think you had the best campaign lines of all the candidates when you said to the Rodney constituents “you know what’s best for your area” Now there’s a thought.

  2. Mark Holms says:

    before Te Ahuahu Rd was sealed a brief patch was sealed down te Ahu for about 15m, then all the loose metal would be pushed towards Piha intersection and accumulate there waiting for the cars to skid on it and then into my letter box. As much as I regret progress, sealing on parts of the main Rd is warranted in so far as we ignore driving to road conditions and have the overuse of signs to prove that fact (for visitors and locals alike),

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