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1 Comment 30 July 2015

Democracy is being overridden in Piha !

When consultation is done and complete then plans agreed it is not for anyone to change or override without further consultation.  It’s not democratic  FULL STOP

WalkSafePihaSite5bLeft:  The consultation document used by WCC  (March 2011) for the Walk Safe Project.  If you open and look at it you will clearly see that the roadside between the Piha Community Library and the entrance to the Domain was to be left open for parking.   There is  clear provision for pedestrians.

Pay particular attention to the XXXXX in the diagram which indicates roadside parking. Taken into account,  naturally, was the limited parking in ‘the hub’ for toilets, post office, store, cafe and library.

Highlighted in yellow are the following notes.

  • Roadside parking to be accommodated on existing grass verge . (No pavement construction, berm to remain.) Existing boulders to remain and provide separation between parking and footpath.
  • Footpath to be provided behind existing vegetation
  • Install low level timber safety barrier as per detail min. 2.5m from seal edge  to provide roadside parking over extents as shown
  • Provide 2.5 min. width roadside parking on existing gravel roadside verge (no construction. Berm to remain)

Now the Piha Ratepayers & Residents are saying:

“No bollards were installed along the road between the library and domain entry.  The bollards were required to stop cars from parking and subsequently forces pedestrians onto the road.  There are no bollards but they will be continued there.  Parks and AT [Auckland Transport] to liaise on this issue.  Ken and Graeme to write report. Parks will write to AT re: bollards”

So where is the mandate for this?  I would suggest you don’t have one.

Pedestrian01Left: Sometime after this job was completed [2011/12 ?] the Ratepayers and Residents pushed for  roadside bollards to be installed – without consultation.  These bollards go halfway down from the library to domain entry.  Now they want them ‘continued’!   Well could you just refer to the plan please.


Pedestrian02Left: As on the plan:  “Existing boulders to remain and provide separation between parking and footpath.”

“Footpath to be provided behind existing vegetation”



Pedestrian03Left: Not long after the new sewage treatment was installed Council was asked if it could be planted for aesthetic value.  The answer was “No you can’t.  Easy access is required for servicing”.   So why was it recently planted ?

Had there been consultation this might have been pointed out !


Heading to these photos below:

Left: “Separate footpath structure and roadside parking in this are” Right: “Combination of footpath and roadside parking.

Site5a  Site5b


Conversation on Piha Hookups Facebook page

Hookups1   Hookups3

MoniquespresentationaLeft: Here we have the entry to the Minutes of the Board Meeting identifying Monique Olivier (nee Davies), from the Piha Ratepayers & Residents Assn, successfully requesting the Board to overwrite the outcome from the community consultation. Bollards were installed half way down this roadside.


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1 comment

  1. Sandy says:

    Work with them on a ‘revised option’ after the consultation. Par for the course

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