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When is it OK and when isn’t it?

16 Comments 08 October 2015

When is it OK and when isn’t it?

DecoHeraldNew Deco Eatery in Lopdell House was recently communicated with by the unhappy Titirangi Ratepayers and Residents Group regarding a ‘commercial flag’ they had to alert the public they were open to business.

Clearly  the offending commercial advertising was removed because this was published by the Titirangi R&R: “A huge thank you to [Patrick Rhodes] and Deco for being so supportive and understanding about our concerns regarding commercial advertising on the corner of South Titirangi Road and happily agreeing to find a new location for their flag.  We really appreciate your positive attitude towards being part of the community & look forward to working with you in future”

TreeWeek01aLeft: This installation on the Titirangi roundabout was announced by the same Titirangi Ratepayers & Residents  “The Titirangi Ratepayers & Residents Association are celebrating the start of The Tree Council’s Tree Week with an installation on the Titirangi roundabout to raise awareness of kauri dieback and some simple messages on how you can keep your kauri trees healthy.”

The Chair of the Titirangi R&R is Mels Barton.  Mel’s Barton is also an integral part of ‘The Tree Council’.


  1. Did you get consent from Auckland Transport to install this?
  2. Did you get consent from anyone to install this?
  3. Do you think all these signs could be a distraction to drivers?
  4. Do you think this installation blocks any visuals of the roundabout for the drivers?
  5. Do you mind if I put an installation on this roundabout sometime?

This roundabout is used by vehicles heading to Huia, Piha, Karekare, Glen Eden, Bethells etc etc.  It is also an entry to Atkinson Road which is hugely busy with school traffic.

Is this a case of “Do as I say, not what I do?”

Do not suggest I am not caring about Kauri trees, Kauri dieback or our environment.  I’ve got my ‘environmental ticket’ and care greatly for NZ’s environment.   It’s the ‘sheriff mentality’ here  that really annoys me.

Disclaimer:  Deco Eatery has had nothing what-so-ever to do with this article.  I have had no dialogue with them at all.

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  1. AF says:

    Haha…Good on you Bobbie. I saw this the other day and thought how distracting it was. It will be interesting to see if it is taken down. Bloody dangerous on that roundabout at the best of times!!

  2. Alan Willjay says:

    ***Pet Hate Alert*

    ANYTHING at all that obstructs vision at intersections / round abouts etc is evil in my book.
    And I don’t care if it’s a sandwich board, flag or sacred tree…get rid of it!! frown emoticon

    • PS says:

      Yep, the no signs moratorium was by the Titirangi R&R?! But it was only no commercial signs, and said yes to ccommunity event signs. Interestingly the new sign bylaws came into effect this month. It does specifically say no signs on roundabouts. It’s a bit vague on community events. What is a community event – can any group having a week (breast cancer, mental health, alzheimers, gifted kids, peace day, anti bullying and call it an event and put a sign up in a community? As there are a lot of awareness days. We did have the poppies at the roundabout for the Veterans) The bylaw says community events you are allowed 1 sign per street frontage, whatever that means. Does street frontage mean the place where the event takes place? Or is that any street frontage, how many total? At Parrs Cross roundabout today the 11 signs finally came down – NO rats roaches, Anti Tppa rallies, Tshirts, Garage Sales, businesses not local to our area and Ellerslie erotica festival advertising! Will be interesting to see how council interprets the new bylaws. The new bylaw also outlines the new Real Estate signage rules.

  3. Sally says:

    Photograph clearly shows visual obstruction.

  4. Sam T says:

    In Titirangi there are the 3 statues at the roundabout which we ratepayers paid for. Who the hell has the right to deface them with some ugly thing that is meant to look like a tree?

  5. Jo says:

    I navigate that roundabout at least twice everyday and noted the fanfare with which the banners were planted. It struck me at the time that the visibility at the roundabout would be severely compromised and was surprised to see so many local ‘notables’ defacing the roundabout in such a dangerous manner. I did wonder if I was the only one to find the large number of large banners far more inappropriate than for that site than one welcome home poster.

  6. Jack says:

    Just who are the TR&R and what gives them a mandate to speak for us? The ‘about’ page on their Facebook page just links to a website that hasn’t been updated since 2010. No info about membership or meetings. Feels like a secret society to me with Sherif Glowworm acting as lone judge and jury whenever she gets a rush of blood to the head. I for one, and everyone I know, were appalled at the cowardly strategy of online bullying used to bring Deco into line without bothering to approach them in person: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=865226713513155&id=137314856304348

  7. Tessa says:

    I totally agree the Titirangi rate payers association are like gestapo when any business or organisation wants to promote themselves. Having read the recent article about the sale of a block of shops and car park is up to the individual owner not a group of people who want ownership of property without paying for it, or hide behind the title “association” and act like they speak for all of us. I personally dislike the roundabout being cluttered with rubbish banners it looks terrible. Time for transit New Zealand to step in I think.

  8. Laura says:

    I thought the signage all in the middle was too much, I wanted to read what it was about but would crash if I had. Saw it on the roadside the next day rather than the roundabout and that was much better, safer and I could actually read them! Good points too.

  9. Judy Lawley says:

    Thanks Bobbie. Sooo true. The crowd installing the kauri display were very distracting when I tried to drive through there last Sunday – all over the road taking photos etc. We all love the kauris, but come on! Get a grip! There are local board members on the Titirangi R and R (one anyway!) – transport rules don’t apply to them?

  10. Megan says:

    I’m a cyclist that lives in Shaw road and rides to work in Penrose via this roundabout. I like what they are trying to achieve, but this roundabout already makes me nervous without the added distraction to road users. There’s so much going on already without obscuring the view of traffic entering the roundabout, especially small users like cyclists and motorbikes.

  11. Leticia says:

    I feel that it is fine with in reason. The kauri dieback display is a bit extreme and distracting but I have always really enjoyed seeing all the little birthday and welcome back messages. There was a very impressive airoplane up at the roundabout a couple of years ago.

  12. Tedg says:

    Personally, I like the tree signs (and others that go up at the roadabout from time to time). It’s been a Titirangi thing for years…stopping that would instill a bit of sterility in to an otherwise colourful journey through the village I think.
    I also see no issue with companies like Deco advertising that they’re open – although to be fair it’s pretty obvious they are because the lights are on…

  13. PS says:

    We’ve had 1 bloody day at Parrs Cross Road without the 11 signs including the #antiTPPA sign. And today, we’ve got 4 new political signs #homelessness at the roundabout, on recycled branded labour billboards. It looks like a ghetto. No names on the back or phone number as legally required by council. It’s not fair to treat our community like a noticeboard for every passing polititical opinion. Plus they’re cheaply done and misspelled. Same white board and black marker and #latest cause as the Titirangi ones and the ones in TeAtatu.
    #politicians*stopusingourcommunitiesasyournoticeboards #send out a pressreleasetoyourlocalpaper or #startablog or #spendsomemoneyinourpublicrealmtogetmyvote

  14. John Lewis. says:

    PS you are so rightright. Every little community group has to be pushed around now by these political bullies… And yes most signs etc are done by Labour people and we are sick of this in the West.

  15. Aprilanne Bonar says:

    You raise great points for discussion. I love the roundabout and the way the community use it to make announcements and share information.
    Businesses are part of the community and should be treated no differently.
    Up until now the community have used the roundabout in a responsible and creative manner.
    I wasn’t aware that the TRRA had a mandate to police and approve or for that matter disapprove of any installations at this or any location in Titirangi???.
    We should all have the right to engage our community without fear or favor. Looking forward to seeing more. And #SaveOurKauri.

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