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What’s wrong with this picture ?

13 Comments 11 March 2016

How many people drown in sand ?

If someone drowns then it’s on him !

The Piha SLSC Board, not the lifesavers nor nippers etc, have been bullying their new neighbour over his consented plans to build towards the front of his beach front property.

Piha SLSCTheir  claim is that this new build will take their view from Piha SLSC’s  patrol room.  They have even suggested if someone drowns then it’s on him !

When did someone last drown in the sand ?

Without the scaffolding this photo clearly shows that the only view obstructed from the patrol room will be that of the dunes, car park and road in South Piha.

Piha SLSCPhoto left:  This is the architect’s impression of the new build.  Simple clear lines which will join others in Piha known for their architectural values.




Piha SLSC Photo left:  A totally unnecessary and ugly rebuild, in my opinion, and a waste of good money that would do more good in Karekare or North Piha Surf Life Saving clubs.   Why is the tower four stories high?  Why can’t it be on the northern side of the building ?



PihaSLSC Photo left:  I know ‘beauty is in the eye of the holder’ but for a similar amount of money that the ‘rebuilt’ is estimated to cost, Piha SLSC could do something a little more creative and appealing like this.  Easy enough to add access to medical and IRB room from the front.




Rules of Drones

Or they could just use a drone ?

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13 Comments so far

  1. Bill Short says:

    More ill-informed comment from a writer who knows nothing about lifeguarding. And as for the funding of Karekare/United you want Piha SLSC do that on their behalf? Back to planet earth; the only ugly construction is the monstrosity that your new best mate is putting next to the surf club. And as for the Board, they are elected by the members, so if you are going to apportion blame, please place it at the feet of all the membership. In other parts of NZ the community support their surf club. Not Piha; what a disgrace!

  2. Village Voice Editor says:

    Bill. I don’t and have never claimed to be knowledgeable in lifeguarding. I am very appreciative of the life guards and always thank them for watching over us after I have swum.
    I have been a strong supporter of the ‘surf club’ in the past but something is going wrong . . . in my opinion.

  3. A Chode says:

    This is hardly a new build. It’s been quietly rusting for the past two years. As for the clubs board, I believe their comments were made two years ago as well! Your idea of what constitutes bullying is warped. I understand that your mate is a litigation lawyer, hardly an easy target for a bunch of volunteer board members to bully. What’s brought on this regurgitation of old news?

  4. Village Voice Editor says:

    I’ve regurgitated it because I’ve been interested in how bad the ‘sight restriction’ this season has hindered rescues. It’s only the dunes and carpark that can’t be seen.

  5. Sue says:

    Are there still issues between the club and this ‘new build’ – i assumed that the fact that the house is progressing all has been resolved (in one way or another)? If so – what is the issue?

  6. Village Voice Editor says:

    “possum” You can use a pseudonym if you wish but without a correct email your post will not be published.

  7. Village Voice Editor says:

    The issue is equality and fairness for all. The resource consent for this huge rebuild was ‘non-notified’.. Other builds are told “Council may need to appoint a ‘special commissioner’ to consider the application given the high profile of location and visual impact’. THAT is the issue.

  8. Sandra Coney says:

    Bobbie, You don’t understand the consent process. Sometimes Council staff decide about applications including whether it will be notified. Other times, a commissioner is used to decide about notification and the application itself. It is exactly the same process, just one is done in-house, the other is done by a commissioner. Neither your friend’s large house nor the surf club extension was notified. In case you haven’t noticed, hardly anything is notified these days.

    Sandra Coney

  9. Village Voice Editor says:

    Sandra: I’ve been on this earth long enough and owned enough property to well understand about the ‘consent process’. If a building is breaking the rules e.g. height to boundary, land coverage, etc etc. it is supposed to be notified. If ALL neighbours sign-off that can short cut the process ‘sometimes’. But all neighbours didn’t as you are no doubt aware. Given your history with the Environment Court with issues such as domination over environment etc. I’m surprised you’re so quiet about it.

  10. Sandra Coney says:

    This is completely wrong and out of date. Many applications for resource consent do not conform with the rules in the District Plan, and are not notified. It is also incorrect that if neighbours sign off that will determine if something is notified. I suggest you ask to meet with the consents team and ask them to go through the RMA process with you. That way you can put accurate information on your blog.

    S Coney

  11. Village Voice Editor says:

    You know it’s what goes on in the background that ‘really’ matters Sandra !

  12. Graeme Webber. says:

    The fact is:
    This new build has cut off the previous visual surveillance South from the Lookout Room at the Piha Surf Lifesaving Club – quite integral and important for the Surf Club being able to view and be informed on many scenarios – Police, Ambulance, 1st response, Fire, in that area.
    The new owner of this build was approached early in the piece and asked to consider placement of his build further back to allow the continuance of this visual surveillance.
    Not a big deal to my mind.
    He refused and proceeded with the build resulting in the blocking out of this important coverage area. (Not my sort of thinking to engender good neighbourly relations – but that’s only my opinion).
    The Surf Club as a consequence has designed plans to bring this view back into perspective and involve other changes to the buildings layout at the same time.
    As to “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – my humble opinion is that this new bach design would be better suited to placement in the Albany commercial Industrial Precinct.
    Regards Bobbie, Graeme.

  13. Julia says:

    Graeme your comments are interesting. Firstly, have you seen the visuals from the surveillance room . Ignore the scaffolding and you will clearly see the only thing that they cant see are the houses, the road and carpark. That is not what they are there to guard. It is the beach swimmers and that is still very very visible.

    Your “humble opinion” 🙂 you are entitled to, but you have no idea what it will look like when it is built, unless you have seen the final plans. Industrial is cool anyway. Piha is changing.

    In response to the person above who commented that “our friend” is a litigation lawyer and therefore hardly a person to be bullied. That is a ridiculous comment. Some of the smartest legal people I have ever met and who have been the top of their field in NZ are some of the most humble and gentle people I have ever met. Im sorry, but the “bunch of volunteer board members” that you talk about are supposedly top of their fields in the commercial world and very very capable of bullying.

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