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What is the truth – Up or down?

0 Comments 19 July 2016

Auckland Council Chief Executive replies

Has Auckland Council decreased funding for KDP?  (Kauri Dieback Programme)

Stephen TownA group called ‘Waitakere Combined Residents and Ratepayers Assn Group meets bi-monthly.

They recently wrote to Auckland’s Chief Executive Stephen Town, left,  about the ‘cut’ in Kauri Dieback.


For your interest, or not, here is their letter and Stephen Town’s reply:

Kubi Witten-Hannah:  Chair, Waitakere Ranges Combined Residents and Ratepayer Associations Group  Letter to Auckland Chief Executive: [Note 1.]

We want to see urgent and positive action from Council on this important issue [KDP] and accountability for the senior executives deliberately contravening political decisions by elected representatives.” [Note 2.]

Stephen Town, Auckland Council Chief Executive replies::

“During the Long-term Plan (LTP) process, the governing body agreed that there would be no cut in spend on kauri dieback programmes . . . . 

Overall the spend on the 2015/16 kauri dieback programme managed by Auckland Council Biosecurity unit increased from $304,720 per annum in 2014/15 to $361,000 per annum in 2015/2016 (comprising $142,000 KDP funded research and $219,000 Biosecurity unit spend). In addition to this spend an estimated 2.5 full time equivalent positions of Biosecurity unit staff time was invested in kauri dieback management during 2015/2016.” [Note 2.]

Keep Calm TruthWaitakere Ranges Local Board: As well as Government (DoC & MPI) and Auckland Council funding the Waitakere Ranges Local Board also employs Christine Rose as ‘Kauri Dieback Coordinator to meet with research and management teams and ensure the community is better informed”.  Her salary: $48,000 a year.


Note 1.

  • This group has two representatives from each participating Ratepayer Group in Waitakere.
  • The ‘group’ also has the members of Waitakere Local Board in attendance and sometimes other cohorts like Christine Rose of Rodney.  You and I cannot attend.
  • Our Ward representatives Penny Hulse and Linda Cooper are not invited.
  • There are no published Minutes
  • They ‘claim’ to represent the citizenry of Waitakere . The truth is they’re a closed-door secret society.
  • The only rules are that if you don’t agree with them don’t bother attending !

Note 2.  

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