What is that magenta ?

2 Comments 04 January 2016

What is that magenta on Beach Valley Road?

You can’t be too safe when putting poisons into our environment.

climbing asparagusWalk down Beach Valley Road and you’ll notice there are patches of bright magenta.  I have dug out many a tuber root over the years but am not keeping up so it’s time to poison – not spray climbing dock.

This is how I apply poison to our environment

Poison in our environmentLeft: Cut the bottom off a 3 litre plastic milk bottle   Ensure the lid is on right and turn upside down making sure it’s steady.

Measure your poison into it and add a colourant (magenta in this case)



Poisoning climbing dockLeft: You can carefully dip the end of climbing dock, cape ivy or climbing asparagus into the poison.   If the stem breaks while doing this then start with another stem.




climbing dock poisonOr using your paint brush paint the weed with the poison.   There is no need for the poison to touch the earth.   If it’s tricky sometimes I lean the weed against the milk bottle to hold it steady.



poisoning weedsThere is no spray drift.   Only your target plant is poisoned and any close-by natives, like this self propagated native (Pittosporum ??),  is safe.





Left: This climbing asparagus will be dead soon while the native behind it will happily keep growing.

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  1. Liz Stone says:

    Very good ideas here. I know a farmer who uses a bubble mix so he knows which thistle plants he has sprayed – although that only lasts for a few minutes.

    Can you or any of your readers recommend an effective herbicide? For wandering dock, climbing asparagus and also for wandering Jew (tradescantia).



  2. Bobbie Carroll says:

    Everything you need to know about weeds http://www.weedbusters.org.nz/

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