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We pay you – are you mad?

0 Comments 19 October 2015

Residents will be forced to pay $150 to look after berms !

Auckland Transport (AT) is proposing that roadside gardeners will have to pay $150 for a licence if they want to deviate from strict new rules being proposed by their good selves. We will have to apply for a licence which will not automatically be granted.

Deputy Mayor and Waitakere Ward Councillor Penny Hulse has come out saying “I will be giving some very clear feedback to Auckland Transport that we need to encourage responsible residents like our wonderful Denise [Stuff.co.nz article] , to create beauty and goodness from our public realm. For goodness sake, lets see a bit of sense here!”

BVRAnzac03Piha’s Beach Valley Road Project has been weeding, planting eco-sourced natives and maintaining the roadside of Beach Valley Road way before the ‘Super City’ was invented.

We now have ‘endangered’ native species on our roadsides and adjoining properties.

Auckland Transport – which part of ‘Livable City’ does this slot into?

Below: Photos taken of several parts of Beach Valley Road that locals may or may not recognise today.  A lot of hard work has gone into this by ‘the people’.

  SAMSUNG  BV44b  BVR1006065a


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