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We pay but don’t get

2 Comments 05 March 2015

We pay for these so why don’t we get them ?

WhydontwegetEvery time I go into the Waitakere Ranges Local Board office I have a look at their displays to see the latest information pamphlets.  I grab a few of each to put in the Piha Cafe.

Left:  The last handful I grabbed.  Have you received any of them?

I cannot understand why, when each is published, they are not given to the Rural Postie and delivered to us.  After-all, we pay for them !


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  1. Steve Tollestrup says:

    You’d pay even more of each of these pamphlets were sent to each home in Piha, then turn around and complain we’re sending out too much ! You’re doing it the right way by picking them up and placing them at the cafe. Anyone can do that. By the way we don’t decide on print runs.

  2. Village Voice Editor says:

    Maybe a bundle could be dispatched to our Library ?

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