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Smileholdhands  Let’s all do our bit

The streams and lagoons at Karekare, Piha and North Piha are all affected at different times by poorly performing septic tanks as well as other pollutants.  But let’s talk about our tanks . . . .

It’s not just old systems that fail either – even new high-tech systems can get overloaded by all the extra visitors that come to those places to holiday.  Holiday makers sometimes bring their urban water habits with them, forgetting that with a septic tank you have to be careful about how you use water.

Smileholdhands There are a range of simple things you and your visitors  can do to make sure they’re not contributing to the problem:

ThumbUpreduce your water use, by taking shorter showers

avoid a water rush-hour by spreading out shower and laundry use

don’t use bleach or chemical cleaning products – they kill microbes that break down waste

Reuse the water from your washing machine on the garden

And of course if you own the place you’re staying at, make sure that the septic system is regularly serviced by a professional.

Also see EcoMatters and your Sewage HERE

Land, Air and Water Aotearoa : LAWA

LAWA Piha Lagoon

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