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Water Quality Test Results

3 Comments 02 March 2016

SaAuckland CouncilfeSwim water quality monitoring – West Coast


29 March 2016  – 

Unsafe: North Piha and South Piha  Lagoons. Bethells Lagoon, 

Water Quality

Water quality









22 March 2016  – 

Unsafe: Bethells Lagoon, North Piha and South Piha  Lagoons and others

water quality   water quality

16 March 2016  – 

Unsafe: Bethells, North Piha and South Piha  Lagoons.

Retest: Karekare Car park and Lagoon

 Water quality    Water quality

09 March 2016  – Unsafe: Piha Lagoon, Green & Wood Bay

That’s one BIG spike for Piha Lagoon !

Water quality    water quality

03 March 2016  – Unsafe: Piha & Bethells Lagoons

water quality west    West water quality

24 February 2016  – Unsafe: Piha & Bethells Lagoons  Retest: Karekare Lagoon

Water Quality    Water Quality

16 February 2016  – Unsafe: Piha Lagoon  Retest: Piha North Lagoon

water quality piha   Piha Lagoon

10 February 2016  – Unsafe: Bethells & Piha Lagoons  (+Armour Bay & Laingholm Beach) Retest: Karekare Lagoon

Water quality Piha    Water Quality

27 January 2016  – Unsafe: Bethells & Piha Lagoons  

Water quality    water quality

Please note:  (updated 29/1/16):   “The test regime for Piha Lagoon is as the same as that for Bethells Lagoon:

  • Carry out routine testing
  • If routine test exceeds the MfE action level (550), erect warning sign without retesting
  • If routine test exceeds the MfE alert level (260), carry out re-tests until either the result triggers the MfE action level for warning sign or becomes clear
  • It routine testing is clear, no sign is erected

The changes in the testing regime/signage criteria are as a temporary means to manage the potential health risks before any decision regarding more permanent health warning. However, the routine tests have all failed so far. The sign appears to be erected permanently. The signs have not been erected at Bethells Lagoon all the time.

So at the moment, no decision has been made to permanently signpost the lagoon, but it is a candidate for this along with the other bottom few sites in the region”

27 January 2016  – Unsafe: Karekare Carpark & Piha Lagoon   Retest: Karekare Lagoon

Piha Beach   Karekare Beach

23 January 2016  – Unsafe: Piha Lagoon   

    Water Quality      Water quality

21 January 2016  – Unsafe: Karekare Lagoon plus Piha North & South Lagoons   Retest: Piha Beach (south) 

Water quality     Water quality Piha

20 January 2016  – Unsafe: Karekare Carpark & Lagoon plus Piha North & South Lagoons   Retest: Piha Beach (south) 

Water quality      WaterQuality20160120b

19 January 2016  – Unsafe: Piha North & South Lagoons plus Karekare Carpark & Lagoon 

water pollution results     Swim Safe Piha Karekare

13 January 2016  – Unsafe: Piha South Lagoon & Piha North Lagoon 

Water quality   Swim Safe Water quality

5th January 2016  – Unsafe: Piha South Lagoon  Retest: North Piha Lagoon & Karekare Lagoon

Water Quality Waitakere   Water quality safe swim

Unsafe:  1st Jan ’15 : Latest sampling result (31 Dec) for Piha South Lagoon is 460 E.coli/100 ml water.

29th December 2015  – Unknown: Piha So u th Lagoon Re-test: Karekare Lagoon & Carpark

All results have been updated as at 29th except Piha South Lagoon.

Council advise “Recent tests show that Piha South lagoon continues to remain unsafe  31/12/15 “The latest results for Piha South Lagoon: 390 e.coli (29 Dec); 400 e. coli (30 Dec)”

Water Quality Piha   Water quality Karekare

21st December 2015  – Unsafe: Piha South Lagoon

  Piha Water quality  Water quality

15th December 2015  – Unsafe: Piha South Lagoon

Waterqquality201215aCapture   Water Quality West

4th December 2015  – Unsafe: Piha South Lagoon

Water quality safe swim    Safe swim water quality Piha

29th November 2015  – Unsafe: Piha South Lagoon & Bethells Beach

Water quality swim     Swim Safe

24th November 2015  – Unsafe: Piha North Lagoon & Piha South Lagoon.  Retest: Karekare Lagoon

Water Quality     Water quality

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3 Comments so far

  1. The Bounder says:

    still inadequate signage about the hazard, why bother doing this ?

  2. The Bounder says:

    So the lag -goon remains unsafe so what shall we do to advise paddlers esp visitors. I know, lets put in signs to show that this area is being monitored and at times may be unsafe, yes lets give visitors the chance to risk their kid’s health by having signs pointing out to sea hidden behind the bank so that the only way to read them is by jumping in the lag goon. Nothing changes….what a waste of time after all we don’t want to scare people or take responsibility.

  3. Krissy says:

    Gross! Piha Beach South is marginal and needs retesting sometimes due to the contamination with human faecal matter. Nice swimming spot. NOT!

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