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Waste of our rates

0 Comments 22 September 2015

This will cost the ratepayers a fortune

We all know Piha Beach’s height is rising.

This used to cost ratepayers up to $60,000 a year and looks like it will again.

SandinWind08 SandinWind07

SandinWind10 SandinWind12

Below:  Piha SLSC’s emergency vehicle entrance to Piha Beach and their patrol lookout is smothered in sand.

SandinWind03  SandinWind02

SandinWind11Left: Look at this picture taken of the dune at the south end of Piha Beach and see what is happening.

It is growing low and out.  There was no need for that huge dune behind it.  The spinifex, growing unimpeded, is catching the sand as nature intended.


Below: Look at the sand in the photos below – it is being picked up and blown by the wind.

SandinWindEar SandinWind01 SandinWind06

Spinifex, pingao and knobbly clubrush catches the sand – that’s one of their functions.  This enables the dunes to grow down and not up!


Left:  If  the dunes had been maintained and cared for ‘best practice’ these poles would not be buried.  Just some simple supplement planting would have stopped the sand burying them.  Such a waste of our rates if they have to be dug out and realigned.



Below:  These photos were taken at high tide on the 9th of September.  We are not short of beach space.

PihaBeachHighTide20150909b  PihaBeachHighTide20150915a

The dunes will continue to grow skyward taking people’s views and costing ratepayers tens of thousands of $$$  if they are not maintained with native spinifex, pingao and added planting of knobbly club rush and protected.   They are elsewhere in New Zealand.

If you can’t get to grips with this pretty basic concept then you’re thick – it’s that easy.   If you think the dunes are responsible for the disappearance or appearance of ‘the bar’ you’re also thick – move on and do some research.

Referred to in generally derogatory terms for years, Piha CoastCare’s ongoing care for our coastline is now nationally acknowledged as superb – they have been well vindicated.  It is time to stop the politics and start supporting them.

Dunes are the ‘buffer between the sea and land’.  You can support Piha CoastCare,  and save our rates $$$$$.  They’re on Facebook – Piha CoastCare

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