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Vice-Versa @ Piha SLSC 2015

1 Comment 11 January 2015

Generations have done it – and will continue I hope

The guys, when they put those women’s clothes on, mince it up brilliantly.  Here are some photos they happily posed for (hope they remember!)

Xdress04  Xdress03  Xdress01

Xdress21  Xdress20  Xdress19

Xdress22  Xdress17  Xdress16

Xdress15  Xdress14  Xdress12

Xdress11  Xdress10  Xdress09

Xdress08  Xdress07  Xdress06

Xdress05  Xdress02  Xdress23

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1 comment

  1. Graeme Webber. says:

    Great pictures of the Surf Club’s Vice Versa on Saturday Bobbie. Notable in his / her absence was ME in a very appealing leopard skin outfit specially bought for the occasion – I was told I wasn’t “allowed” to attend – leave it to the young ones said the wife (who always knows best). Regards, Graeme.

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