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Update on Piha sports field

0 Comments 07 November 2014

Update as at 10th of November – for Piha Community

Grant Jennings, Manager of Local and Sports Parks West:

The situation is that the soil that was spread on the field is too contaminated with glass and other debris hence the approach  is to remove the spread material totally.   We will then need to re level the fields surface and import some clean quality topsoil/compost mix to hold the moisture and create a seed bed for the grass.

We will be looking at bringing in temporary irrigation to help establish the grass. The surface area at the rear of the goal post next to the road will also be shaped and levelled. It is planned to undertake this work this week.

We apologise for this situation as we are also not happy with the outcome from a very simple job.

Update as at 6th of November – for the Community

Piha Domain sports field

  • Council contractors will be on site today to begin the raking of the surface and to undertake an extensive pick up of any remaining material.
  • Contractor to continue with raking work until stakeholders and council are satisfied that stones and unsuitable items have been removed.
  • The amount of the top soil to be added to surface will be determined early next week after the raking of the field.  Care needs to be taken not to damage the existing grass by smothering it with too much soil so a little and often approach is the best practice to manage this.
  • Additional soil could be applied in Autumn 2015 if required
  • Soil test results are due in today. Unfortunately the timing of the delivery is out of our control. They will be distributed once they have been received.
  • The existing rugby goals will be relocated after the last measure out of the field to maximise the playing surface.
  • At the meeting on Friday dual posts were mentioned. These will be too big for the proposed usage.  Council will give one set of portable ¾  sized soccer goals to be moved into place as required.
  • Weed spraying of broad leaf and onehunga weed to be discussed with stakeholders and approved by Local Board before any action is taken
  • Line marking is to be discussed further with stakeholders – potentially a line marker could be provided to the community to carry out line mark as and when required.
  • As previously discussed the community will engage with the local bowling club to allow use of their roller and establish a junior cricket strip. Local community to maintain community cricket pitch.
  • Opening date of field to be confirmed when a suitable grass cover has been established
  • Drainage was discussed but there is insufficient budget and the water table is very high in this area hence drainage will be ineffective.

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