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Update on Piha SLSC extensions

2 Comments 24 September 2014

Concept design for Piha SLSC extensions

Concept design for Piha SLSC extensions

 I have received the following update from Warren Smith – Piha SLSC:

A pre-application meeting was held with the Planners at Auckland Council, Henderson offices on August 22nd.  Subsequent to the meeting Auckland Council sent out the minutes of the meeting.

Within these minutes Council  advised Piha Surf Life Saving Club that a Resource Consent Application for an extension to the surf club would need to take into account [the following] Planning Requirements

  1. Auckland Council District Plan (Waitakere Section)

    The site is within the Outstanding Coastal Area (Policy Map 3.5(c) and in an Outstanding Landscape Area (West Coast Coastal) (Policy Map 3.6(b), Appendix X) and is also located within the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area.  Any application should have specific regard to these policies and the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Act.  Further to this, the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement and the Regional Policy Statement – Outstanding Natural Landscapes are also relevant to this proposal.

    From a review of the information provided prior to the meeting – Resource Consent would be required for the following reasons:

  2. Coastal Villages Environment

    Rule 4.3: Building Height – The maximum elevation height of the building will exceed 6.0m and the elevation height will also exceed 10.0 metres.  Resource Consent will be required as a Discretionary Activity.

    Rule 5.2: Height in Relation to Boundary – The proposed plans show that the southern elevation of the building cannot meet the recession plane (35°).  Resource Consent will be required as a Discretionary Activity.

    Note: Shading diagrams for the summer and winter should be supplied in support of any application.

    Rule 6.2: Yards – The extension will be within the southern side yard (3.0m) therefore Resource Consent will be required as a Discretionary Activity.

    Rule 7.3: Building Coverage – The current building coverage is approximately 475m² or 47%. Any increase will require resource consent as a Non-Complying Activity.

    Rule 8.5: Non-residential Activities – Any increase in scale and/or intensity of an existing lawfully established non-residential activity where the existing building cannot meet Rule 7 (Building Coverage) will require resource consent as a Non-Complying Activity.

    Rule 9.4: Traffic Generation (Non-Residential Activities) – Traffic generation from Non-Residential Activities involving an increase in vehicle trips to and from an existing lawfully established non-residential activity where the activity does not meet Rule 8.3 (Non-residential Activities) will require resource Consent as a Discretionary Activity.

    Rule 10.3: Car Parking – Any non-residential activity requiring resource consent for an increase in scale and or intensity of an existing lawfully established activity in accordance with Rule 8.3 (Non-residential activities) requires resource consent as a Limited Discretionary Activity.

    Rule 11: Noise – As noted the activity is authorised to comply with this Rule 11.1 (see LUC-2010-794).

    Rule 13: Signs – Any new signage will require a resource consent

  3. Coastal Natural AreaRule 3.2: Earthworks – From the plans and the discussions at the meeting, it is unclear what level of earthworks outside of the building platform that will be necessary, however, it is possible that earthworks related to the driveway area required for access to the new IRB garage will need Resource Consent. Provided this volume is limited to 30m³ this would be assessed as a Limited Discretionary Activity.  If other earthworks were required above this threshold, the activity would require assessment as Discretionary provided the volume did not exceed 100m³ or Non-Complying above this threshold.  Given the sensitive environment, detailed earthworks plans would be required to be submitted showing full sediment and erosion control measures.Rule 4.1: Impermeable Surfaces – The extension will include additional impermeable surfaces above the permitted threshold (10% of the net site area or 250m², (the greater)).  Plans submitted should include an impermeable surface calculation (including all building coverage and any hardstand areas that prevent water permeating the soil) and Resource Consent will be required as a Limited Discretionary Activity.

    Transport Environment

    Rule 7.3: Vehicle Crossings – Vehicle crossings where there is more than one vehicle crossing to the site.  Resource Consent is required as a Limited Discretionary Activity.

  4. Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP)Notified on the 30th of September 2013, some of the rules of the PAUP have immediate legal effects and all of the policies and objectives have some weight.  As such, any application for Resource Consent shall have regard to the objectives and policies and any relevant rules should be included.Zone: Rural Conservation

    Precinct: Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area sub-precinct D

  5. SummaryThe Piha SLSC and associated clubhouse is an established part of the South Piha community and location.  In this location we would be concerned with ensuring the neighborhood character and wider amenity values are maintained.  Effects associated with the scale and intensity, building bulk, noise and traffic generation have been identified as potential effects, which could generate adverse effects and these should be addressed by any application for Resource Consent.

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  1. the Bounder says:

    it is an offence under the RMA for drownings to occur within this zone. Any applications for such a non discretionary activity will have to be addressed in an assessment of adverse environmental effects in the application for resource consent especially with regard to permeable surfaces such as the Tasman Sea. The council notes that watching for drowning person or persons is an undesirable occupation and recommends blinds be erected on all seaward facing windows and vistas to mitigate privacy concerns. Flags or banners on the foreshore below or above MHWS associated with the PSLSC will need a separate application and should be no bigger than proscribed length and within the colour scheme adopted for the area.. Warning speakers or alerts that can emit greater than 3 decibals are to be limited to 2 per day and no longer than than 4 seconds in duration.

  2. hangry local says:

    Thought they would be broke?
    The club has had a shocking record trying to make their own funds via the kitchen and bar.

    Are they even bothering to open this summer?

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