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Update on Piha Domain sports field

5 Comments 07 October 2014

Upgrade Piha Sports Field

Upgrade Piha Sports Field

John Stokes, of the Piha Charitable Kids Trust has sent the following update on our sports field

In summary this is what was agreed to in a meeting today with Council:





  • the contractors are starting today on the field upgrade
  • we will be getting a suitable pitch for competitive junior games, they are putting the soil through a  machine to take out stones
  • the contractor will use a “hole borer” which will aerate the ground and therefore we may not need drainage,  if this does not work next year it will be looked at
  • the pitch will be maintained by the council
  • we are hoping to get a combination rugby and soccer post senior set up
  • there will be spraying for Onehunga weed etc
  • we are not going to have any additional signage such as no horses no dogs but will see how it goes,  I have offered to contact the horse owners to see if they can stay off the pitch
  • if a roller is available we will try to roll out the middle strip so a cricket pitch can be mowed ( we hope to borrow from the bowling club and have local mataches)
  • the pitch will be lined so games can be played
  • the council has some junior goal posted which Matt said we would be able to use within the  larger ones  ( it was not discussed where to store these but we will find a place if need be)
  • I will advise the local media that this is happening over the next two weeks
  • the first game will be local kids versus council and community board!

The Piha Kids Charitable Trust submitted to the Local Board for this work

Update on action by council can be read here

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5 Comments so far

  1. Sue says:

    Great news. Thanks for the update?

  2. Suzie says:

    Wow, thats amazing. Go Johnny.

  3. Sue says:

    Any updates on what is happening with the sportsfield?

  4. Sue says:

    Is there any further update on the domain?

  5. Village Voice Editor says:

    Dated 13th Oct from WRLB:
    “Update on Domain field
    I have enquired as to how the contaminated sand was spread on the sportsfield and Parks has told me that a sample of the sand was taken before the size of mesh needed to sieve it was chosen. As the sample did not contain glass, nails or small items, the contractor carried out sieving of the sand prior to the laying and spreading on the field area using a 20mm sieve. Clearly this sieve size was too large, allowing material to fall through onto the field.

    Asbestos and bacteria concerns
    The flooring material of the old toilet block at Piha does not contain asbestos. This has been confirmed by sample testing of the flooring material by a registered laboratory.
    No other material was tested as the visual evidence of the demolition material did not identify any items that required testing for asbestos.
    Parks will now test the sand/soil to confirm that there is no asbestos in the soil to alleviate any fears about the soil material. The soil samples will also be tested for the presence of E.coli bacteria. Comparison testing will be taken around the Domain to provide a base level.

    Fencing to prevent access
    It is proposed to install a low wire and waratah fence with orange tape around the whole work site to restrict public access until the completion of the works and to protect the site to encourage grass growth.

    Planned works
    Once these steps have been completed, further work will be carried out on the field, according to the original planned works. A drag matt will be run over the surface to assist in levelling and to raise any subsoil particles to the surface. Manual walkovers will then be undertaken to remove any visual unsuitable items from the field.”

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