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Update Ablutions & Camp Ground from Fiona

0 Comments 10 September 2014

Owing to the winter storms and despite the very hard work put in by all the contractors clearly we are not yet open again.

Everything bar the landscaping should be ready to sign off in early October and then we have to wait for the paperwork from various certification agencies to come back before we are allowed to use the building.

photo of progress as at 8th Sep 2014

photo of progress as at 8th Sep 2014


September is traditionally quite a busy month so it is disappointing that we are not open but time takes time so I am enjoying the super-long break even if the bank manager is not!!

We are taking bookings from the 18th of October and looking forward to seeing all our campers again at Labour Weekend. I am so excited to see the finished facility and looking forward to the opening.

Somethings you might not know . . . .

  • The water for The Bowling Club, Mid-Beach public toilets, South Piha public toilets, plus the outside showers of both facilities and sometimes the Surf Club,  comes from the bore here at the Camp. We often run out of fresh water at the busy weekends and water has to be trucked in, at those times the poor campers do not get a shower.
  • The water system in the new building will not take care of that issue as there is a limited amount of water that can be pumped up from the bore every day. If more water than the allocation is pumped the under gound well might fill with sea water which would be a disaster. It is very hard at times to maintain decorum when I see all the water that gets wasted with people just pushing the shower buttons outside and then not actually have a rinse.
  • The treatment station next to the Library takes the waste water from RSA, Bowler,Surf Club, South Toilets and the Camp. We flush our toilets at the camp with this re-cycled waste water, wouldn’t it be great if all the public facilities had that ability too?

Thank you so much for your patience and I am sure that the finished facility will be well worth the wait. Gratitude much to the Parks team.

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