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Ultimate Waterman – Summary

0 Comments 12 March 2015

15 March Summary of Events from Surfing NZ


Dear Resident/Business,

The Ultimate Waterman is a new and unique international surfing event that will be hosted in Auckland, New Zealand from 14-21 March.

In line with Auckland Council requirements, I would like to provide you with a summary of the event.

For the first time ever, the world’s finest watermen will come together in New Zealand to compete in six different surfing disciplines over eight days. The six disciplines are shortboard surfing, longboard surfing, stand-up paddleboard (SUP) endurance, SUP surfing, waka-ama endurance and tow-in surfing.

The public will also have the opportunity to join the action, with public participation events for national and international competitors taking place in the Waka-ama disciplines at Takapuna Beach on 14 March and Stand Up Paddle (SUP) discipline at Mission Bay on 21 March. For more information on The Ultimate Waterman please visit  The Ultimate Waterman

Surfing Exhibition – 15 March

The Piha surfing exhibition day will be held on 15 March. The event will showcase the talents of elite athletes competing in The Ultimate Waterman. The exhibition will include a range of surfing disciplines such as hydrofoil, tandem and alaia surfing, and sponsor activations to engage and involve the local community. If the conditions are excellent for surfing the event will have the eight elite athletes competing in one of their competitive disciplines.

As part of the Piha surfing exhibition day, the Piha Surf Club will host a VIP area, athlete area and emergency services base.

Piha Beach will also have an event headquarters located on the beach out front of the Piha Surf Club.  Twenty car parks in the Piha Surf Club car park will be reserved for athlete parking and mobility parking. There will be restricted vehicle access through the Piha Surf Club car park during this time.

Below is a summary of the event plans and what to expect for the surfing exhibition:

  • Based onprevious surf exhibition days, we are estimating that crowd numbers for the Piha surfing exhibition day will be between 3,000-6,000 people, who areadditional to those who normally visit the beach during the summer period. Mitigation plans for handling these increases are detailed below:
    • Set up of the event headquarters will commence at 8am and will be dismantled from on 4pm on 15 March 2015.
    • The anticipated exhibition will commence from between the hours of 10am-4pm. Two surfing lanes are being requested based on optimum surf conditions, one at main beach and the other at North Piha Beach beside Lion Rock. However, only one surfing lane will be used on 15 March 2015.
    • Public parking will be in the Piha Domain.
    • All emergency access will be maintained and residents who live South/West of the Piha Surf Club on the beachfront at Marine Parade South will not be affected by any parking restrictions. We will be implementing a traffic management plan to ensure emergency vehicles can access the site should there be an emergency. 

To minimise any impact our event may cause we have put in place the following:

  1. Traffic management/parking: A comprehensive traffic management and parking plan has been put in place. The plan will be managed by Traffic Management New Zealand with support from the New Zealand Police as and when required. Traffic Management New Zealand will have qualified staff on site at all times. Temporary event warning signage will be installed; temporary speed restrictions and no parking zones will be erected and will be strictly enforced by the Police and Council Parking Wardens.

The main public parking areas will be at the Piha Domain.

The traffic management plan allows for 7,000 vehicle movements before restrictions commence. However residents and their visitors will not be affected. They simply need to state to the traffic management people that they are residents and live at ‘address’ and they will be allowed through.

  1. Waste management: A waste minimisation and management plan will be in place. The waste will be removed to an offsite recycling facility. Our objective is to achieve 90 percent of waste to recycling or worm farms.

A series of port-a-loos will be on site to handle additional visitors and are in addition to the current public toilet facilities.

  1. Dune protection/environmental management: A number of volunteers will be tasked to litter patrol duty on the beach, making sweeps of the beach throughout the day to ensure that it remains free of rubbish and debris. In addition to this, a dune protection plan will be in place and crowd control barriers will be placed in high traffic areas to prevent people accessing the beach by walking directly through the dunes. Public announcements will be made during the day to remind visitors to keep off the dunes.
  2. First aid/emergency management: St John and the Piha Surf Life Saving Club will both have personnel on duty during the Piha surfing exhibition day between the hours of 10am-4pm. While St John will be onsite for competitor wellbeing, they will be able to assist visitors and residents if an emergency arises. An emergency management plan will be put in place and will include site evacuation plans in case of fire or natural disaster.

Organising committee

The organising committee for this event are Surfing New Zealand.

If you have other concerns, please contact Auckland Council on 09 301 0101 (24 hours).

The platform is set for this event to become an annual global extreme sports sensation based here in Auckland, New Zealand.

Surfing New Zealand

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