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Two horror tales from the Karekare toilets

0 Comments 05 January 2015

Harvey couldn’t hold on any longer !

Last week Karel Witten-Hannah, veteran lifeguard, clad in full uniform, found on returning to the carpark a group of women waving frantically for assistance.  He realized that as they were on terra firm they were in no danger of drowning, but he ran to their aid.

The problem was just as distressing.  The old man was locked in the lavatory and had been there drying out and desperate for over an hour.  The door refused to budge.  Karel with the aid of a screwdriver attempted to unscrew the lock, to no avail.  Inside the gentleman was frantic as were his family. They then tried to batter the door with shoulder power, but it would not yield.

KarelandBobWitten-Hannah [left with Sir Bob Harvey] decided to call the emergency number, who got the ranger to attend and after two and a half hours the victim was released.  The offending door has not been repaired and is now permanently locked.  This now leaves only two functioning toilets for many hundreds of beach goers to this popular spot…… but wait, there’s more.

When lifelong lifeguard Sir Bob Harvey turned up for patrol on Sunday 4th December, the carpark was full , with many Indian families arriving for a large picnic.  At least 50 women in varying stages of distress were crowding around the two toilets . . .   which were locked!  This at midday, they had been there since 10. a.m.  There is no other toilet facility at Karekare and these are supposed to be state of the art ablution blocks, which the ratepayers paid dearly for.

Harvey made a very irate emergency call and demanded someone to come and unlock immediately.  Someone finally did at 2.p.m.  “This situation is simply intolerable” says Sir Bob.    Harvey intends to pursue this matter with the local board, on their return to work.

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