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This really makes my blood boil !

2 Comments 20 June 2016

Can’t we stretch our $$$ a bit further ?

Climbing asparragusWe can spray Climbing asparagus but not Cape ivy !

This morning I was having a cuppa with a friend when he pointed out two guys with spray packs heading down Beach Valley Road.   Thinking of our naturally propagating Nobbly club rush and all the times our Beach Valley Road Project’s work has been sprayed, mowed and generally destroyed I started following them.  I do that type of thing these days.

I spot them high up on the hill and yell out ‘What are you spraying?”.   “Climbing asparagus” they answer.  Great !  I call out and ask them if they could spray the Cape ivy while they’re up there – it’s in flower at the moment.  No they’re not allowed to.  Geez save me!

I wait for them to come down and have a chat:

  • Have you got permission to go on these properties?  Yes (Good)
  • Who gave permission?  EcoMatters (OK)
  • Why can’t you do the Cape Ivy?  No permission

I then tell them I look after three of those properties and give them permission to spray it.  No they can’t.  Grrrr

Question:   Why can’t they do the Cape ivy at the same time ?  Can’t we make our $$$  spread a bit further?  This drives me insane !

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  1. Sandra Coney says:

    Bobbie, This project is funded by the Local Board and is focused on controlling climbing asparagus which our Strategic Weed Plan by Jack Craw determined was the most environmentally threatening pest plant in the coastal villages. The aim is to keep it out of pristine forest such as regional parks. Cape ivy is a nasty weed, but it does not threaten rain forest, and the contractors as they said had no permission or contract to do anything else. Anyway the spray those guys would have had in their packs would not kill cape ivy. Sandra Coney Chair WRLB

    • Bobbie says:

      I understand that Sandra but it still makes my blood boil.

      Say I’m off to Glen Eden and Ju gives me a shopping list. I go into the supermarket and get those things but also think we might be out of Persil. But it’s not on the list so I don’t get it. I go home again. I go to do the washing and there is no Persil. I get in the car again and drive to Glen Eden and on and on and on it goes. Such a waste of $$$ and resource.

      This is how I see the strategy of weed management. It’s so infuriating !

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