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This is really not OK !

4 Comments 21 December 2014

This breaks every rule in the book – including good neighbourliness !

But first:  I appreciate and treasure the Piha SLSC Lifeguards and volunteers.  This is NOT about them.  This is about the Management/Board only.

PihaSLSCnewdesign01aSo the land next to the Piha SLSC is up for sale and purchased by a gentleman who had visited Piha for some years.   He obtains consent to build a home that will block a small view from the Piha SLSC Operations Room to the  southern Piha dunes and South Marine Parade Road.

Now the Piha SLSC Board are wishing to extend the club house forward and up with a four level tower that will have a real effect on their new neighbour’s view and change the entire look of the Piha Beach water front!   What is this about ?

It is my opinion that The Board  are being bullies, selfish and arrogant to boot.   They are  wanting to raise over $M1.2 for this when Karekare, Bethells and United North Piha surf clubs have all been in line for highly contested funds for many years.


Privacy:  The Club has stated that they would like a separate access-way to the medical room for privacy.

Excuse me!  If you’re wanting privacy for your medical room, see photo left,  you should start by removing the Piha Rescue cameras from the medical room.  Hand held and set cameras.

Extend the front of club house to the west so that the South Piha car park, dunes and beach/water line from mid to high tide can be seen from the Life Guard Operations Room.”   Why do you need to see the Piha car park and dunes?

“Raise the height of the Life Guard Operations Room to restores views of the beach over the sand dunes as they have grown in height since the Project 60 rebuild of the clubhouse 20 years ago.”    Get council back to complete the job they started and were stopped, of ‘topping’ the dunes.  Easy !

“Improve emergency response times of the after-hours IRB by the provision of a dedicated Emergency Rescue Boat Garage at the front of the club, directly in line with the beach access ramp.”   Knock a hole in the front right wall and put an emergency boat in the ‘meeting room’ there. You’ve got a meeting room upstairs.  Instant emergency access !

“Provide new access to the Medical Room for quad bikes and ambulances from the main driveway so patients can be quickly transferred into and out of the Medial Room out of view of people on the upstairs Iron Sands Lounge deck.”    Just put another door in the  front or from the driveway !

“Softening the front of the club to blend more in with the Piha landscape, not be so imposing and where practical comply with the Piha Coastal Village concept”    This plan will make it far more imposing than it is now.  Just paint it !

“An extension of the club house was not possible in the past as it was a full capacity with resources. The water supply was not sufficient and the waste water / sewage systems were at maximum capacity.”  So why did you decline the invitation, some years ago,  to link up with the new sewage treatment on the Piha Domain that the RSA, Bowling Club and Camp Ground connected to at great cost to them and now we, the ratepayers, have paid $17,000 for the Surf Club to connect to it ?

Most of the neighbours have signed off on the plans:  With all due respect to ‘most of the neighbours’, with whom I enjoy a friendship,  they are all part of the same family and signed off by the same member.  I’m scratching my head and wondering how they’d feel if the ‘4 level tower’ was to be built on the northern side of the Surf Club building ????

The President, Peter Brown, requests the new neighbour moves his building back a few meters. Why should he when he is not blocking any beach views which is what the Operations Room needs to see.

Building rules:  This breaks every height to boundary,  land coverage etc etc etc rule in the book!

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  1. Bill Short says:

    Oh dear Bobbie, you really have gone off on a tangent on this one. Over the years you have made some outlandish, outrageous and often ill-informed comment; it’s your community blog so I guess that’s your prerogative, but this one really takes the cake! Do you really think that the Board, and members who gave them the okay to do so are committing the club to hundreds of thousands of dollars of expenditure just to “get back” at your mate in the house next door??!! If you do, then clearly you are delusional. Your comments re privacy wreak of hypocrisy given the voyeuristic nature with which you seem to appear at every incident in Piha with your camera, long after I might add the Piha Rescue cameramen have since retired and gone to bed! Piha Rescue cannot, and will not go on forever, despite your best efforts and repeated complaints to Auckland Council to get it stopped. Most of the footage has to come from Raglan or Hot Water Beach anyway these days. I’m amazed at how you have suddenly become an expert in lifeguard operations; knowledgeable in how to best scan the beach, and where to position rescue equipment for responding to after-hours incidents. The proposed new tower will improve visual surveillance of the entire beach, and the new front gearshed, which also includes lockers for the callout squad will improve response times. Also how does one family member sign off on titles which as public records show are all in separate names?? You are talking rubbish here and misleading readers. Please try and get your facts correct before making such absurd statements!

  2. Village Voice Editor says:

    Hi Bill,

    The incidents I photograph are usually of fires, gatherings of our volunteers or such like which I know are of interest to Village Voice readers. I rather enjoy highlighting the amazing work of our local volunteers. Hardly, as you suggest, “voyeuristic”.

    ‘Best efforts and repeated complaints to AC to get it [Piha Rescue] stopped” Nonsense. I have asked AC once if the producers had applied for consent to film this summer to which they replied there was no consent required. I have not made any and certainly not ‘repeated complaints’. Your facts are incorrect.

    I do considerable research prior to writing my articles.
    A) I have been in the Ops Room and photographed the view that will be blocked once the building is complete. I saw myself what would and would not be obscured.
    B) My suggestions re repositioning an emergency after hours boat access, came from the suggested position in the proposed new plans.
    C) I don’t know how one family can sign for all – I was told by a reliable source he did.
    D) I attended a meeting recently where various SLS Clubs discussed the issues about raising money, how hard it is and how little there is to go around so there needed to be a program and cooperation between all clubs.

    Interesting that firm pressure was put on the new owner to move his building position back several metres on the property. Why would this be if these plans were already on the table? Early on I had discussions with Peter Brown and there was never a mention of these plans. If there were plans why wouldn’t he have told me? Just saying!

    Please elaborate on which facts I have wrong . . .

  3. Piharian says:

    If the tower breaks the building codes it should not be built. End of. Get a watch tower on the dunes instead. The section was on the market, anything that is within the building codes can go up. Any argument is invalid. Can’t argue with facts. Unless you have an overactive ego…

  4. Dave Edwards says:

    Hello All,
    Just had an enjoyable weekend at the Mount watching/supporting my grand daughter at the “boaties” regional competition……must comment on the exceptional coverage of this event provided by the use of cameras mounted on a “drone.”
    I am no expert but I wonder if consideration has been given to the use,at Piha, of such technology ie a drone and maybe a fixed camera to cover the area that is going to be excluded owing to the house under construction next door to the clubhouse – it would seem to be a reasonably economical & practical solution for the future.

    PS Great weekend & great results!

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