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This is NOT democracy !

4 Comments 11 June 2015

This is not democracy Sandra Coney & Co

This WRLB Weed Management Plan Report Draft for Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area, by Jack Craw,  was ‘released’ to a select invited few a few weeks ago.

LucilleBsmlA follow-up event for the public to be introduced to this plan was cancelled.  Further,  the Chair of the Local Board, Sandra Coney, requested the report not be published.  I was OK with that request until I noticed it’s still not in the public arena.

So what’s my problem?


  • There has been NO public consultation
  • It is not in the public arena
  • This report is being received AND adopted this evening
  • It’s not attached to the Agenda of the WRLB Meeting this evening but rather it says “ Will be circulated under separate cover”

This is not a comment on the report.  You can read that comment here. This is a comment on the closed, autocratic type of pseudo-democracy we’re having dished out to us and expected to accept here in the West.   Not good enough.

WRLB Weed Management Plan Report Draft

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4 Comments so far

  1. Sandie says:

    Standing Orders
    2.16.2 Information to be available to public
    “All information provided to members at [Local Board] and committee meetings must be available to the public and news media unless any item included in the agenda refers to any matter reasonably expected to be discussed with the public excluded.”

  2. Penny says:

    Thanks Sandie. Seems reasonable. I guess this blog is our public consultation then. 1. I would like an analysis of the significant budget we already commit to environmental programmes and see more action and less education and less conflict of interest. 2. I’d also like clarity on why the new orange council weedbags spotted in Upperharbour Local Board Window advertise that all the funds will go their environmental programmes. This seems great could we have that here? 3. I prefer Rodneys’ methods of allocating funds to community groups via an environmental fund. Lets consolidate the numerous suppliers and have a single Sustainable Neighbourhoods fund held by the council/board and groups can directly and transparently apply for it by filling out a form showing the scoping for their project and requesting funds. Funds going directly to the people doing the job and more transparent.

  3. gregpresland says:

    Dear Bobbie, The Plan has been well canvassed with many stakeholders during its preparation. Not all plans, especially those that are not statutory, go out for public consultation, That is an expensive exercise and happens where there is clear benefit from doing so. I provided you with a draft copy as a courtesy when the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Forum was delayed. I asked you not to publish it because it was not complete, eg it did not have my Chair’s foreword. Surely that is reasonable. The final report has been sent to all stakeholders and will be available online today. It would have been preferable to have it in the agenda, but we have been working up to the last minute and so this was not possible. There is nothing irregular about this. To Penny, yes the board is talking about moving to a contestable fund for environmental projects.

    Sandra Coney Chair WRLB

  4. Bobbie Carroll says:

    I respected your request not to publish the Plan until today. The Plan is on todays Local Board Meeting Agenda but with no attachment so the public can read prior to it’s adoption (no excuse acceptable).
    It my belief that the ratepayers have a right to view it prior to the Board receiving or adopting it and it is for this reason, and this reason only, I have made it public today.
    You say not all plans are publically consulted on. So if logic follows: Plans that are consulted on are ‘received’ and Plans that are not consulted on are ‘adopted’ – is that right? (note Jim Dahm Report)

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