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This is a blot on our landscape

9 Comments 26 September 2014

White garage in Piha Village hub

White garage in Piha Village hub

This new garage at the entrance to the Piha Domain Camp will fit the larger size ambulances which is great  BUT why do we have to have such an ugly white 1980s style monstrosity in the Piha Village Hub ?

If we have to follow ‘Significant Ecological Area’ design guidelines etc then surely Auckland Council should too.

This is a blot on our landscape and definitely the vista of Lion Rock as shown in the photo.  Not good enough !

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9 Comments so far

  1. Suzie says:

    Yeah i agree. It is so ugly and why paint it that green colour and white! No imagination in council.

  2. Patricia Deveraux says:

    There are some terrific artists at Piha – why not have a competition for Best Disguise?

  3. zippy says:

    What a ridiculous post. With all due respect, your griping about the look of a garage used by First Response–the same First Response you spend much time praising for their efforts–is misplaced and, quite frankly, more than a wee bit “nimby.” Patricia’s suggestion is a good one and should be considered. But in the end, what matters is not the look of the garage but the volunteer service provided by those who use the vehicle parked in it. Easy access to and from the main roads is vital to FR work, so the Piha “hub” location of the garage is determined by emergency services requirements and not your silly aesthetic concerns.

    What next? Relocate the Fire Station somewhere in the back blocks so you can plant a public garden in the “hub?”

    Get your priorities straight and stop being a silly cow.

  4. Village Voice Editor says:

    Hi Zippy: Maybe I wasn’t clear in my post and reading back my point isn’t clear.

    I have NO problem with the location of the new garage – it’s in the same location as the previous one. It is an excellent location for 1st Response Ambulance.

    My problem is mainly the colour it’s been painted and, to a lesser degree, the design. I cannot believe it is painted ‘white’. THAT is my problem with it.

    Paint the ugly thing green or brown please or yes get the artists or kids to ‘fix’ it.

  5. D stanley says:

    Really? It’s just a garage. Does everything have to be ‘special’? What’s wrong with white? Taylor made funnies next?

  6. D stanley says:

    Oh come on. It’s just a bloody garage. What’s wrong with white. Does everything have to be architecturally designed around here. It does the job and it fine. Custom dunnies in the loos next?

  7. Village Voice Editor says:

    Do things like this matter? I suppose it depends whether you’re doing it or asking permission to do it. After all isn’t this an ‘Outstand Natural Landscape’ zone. 🙂

  8. Mike says:

    Yes it matters. The new loos are a pleasure to look (from up the hill or up close). The library is also thoughtfully designed and unobtrusive. The white garage? Nil style or architectural merit. It does not need to be a “statement” but a simple design sympathetic to the surrounding buildings and landscape in a way that blends in and enhances the amenity value, not detracts from it. The other buildings are mono-pitch with wood cladding. Why not the same?

  9. martin says:

    Paint it the same as the new Ambo colours and put a red flashing light on the top , At least if people need help they will know where to go. Or simply plant some trees around it.

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