The Fire of 2007 – Piha

1 Comment 06 October 2015

February 2007 – Piha Fire

Many people assisted with putting this fire out. From memory the beach was closed so the Piha  SLSC guards could help the Piha Fire Brigade.  Unfortunately many  of the public who helped had their feet burnt in the process.

Fire2007a  Fire2007b

Fire2007c  Fire2007d

Fire2007eLeft: Look how close the flames came to the cottage on the left.

People evacuated their homes.




Disgusting06Here’s hoping this is not going to be a contributor to a fire this summer.


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1 comment

  1. Krissy says:

    Looking forward to the hottest summer in 20 years if the weather people are to be believed! Scrumptious if you’re not a farmer!

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