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The fence is the problem now

2 Comments 07 May 2016

Beach Valley Road Project had a ‘deal’ with AT

Traffic visionAuckland Transport (AT) said they’d remove the fence when the plants grew

The plants grew but AT changed their mind and won’t remove it.

Have a peep through that gap that a motor bike made and see how easy it is to see the traffic coming down hill.

PihaWe deliberately grew low growing plants and keep the flax trimmed to keep the vision clear for folk pulling out of Beach Valley Road – but the fence remains.


Native plants PihaAll around the flax is:  Hebe obtusata. Mauve flowers (summer-winter). Found on windy cliff sites on Auckland’s West Coast.

The two bushy plants are: Corokia cotoneasterYellow flowers (spring). Red berries (autumn). Its tight divaricating form and intriguing shape makes an ideal hedging for dry sunny situations. Grey foliage with black stems.

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2 Comments so far

  1. Liz Stone says:

    Sorry, Bobbi, but I have to disagree with you on this one. As our population ages, we need to become more “senior-friendly” and I think having a hand rail as you go down the steps is a good way of keeping the older people in our community walking and safe.

    Liz Stone

  2. Bobbie says:

    Hi Liz: I agree with ‘senior friendly’ sentiments. The Milk Track is a great access way either to the Village or the beach for folk living up from it. It’s certainly safer than playing with the traffic on that narrow piece of road.
    However, maybe a lower ‘hand rail’ on the steps rather than this bulky fence would be more suitable ?

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