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Thank you Piha locals and volunteers

3 Comments 07 February 2015

Thanks all the Piha locals & volunteers

CarAccident01“Hi there, I would just thank all the Piha locals & volunteers (st johns, fire service, locals) that assisted my husband and I today. I currently am in a cast as I have torn my achilles tendon, and today we were in a serious car accident on Piha Road. A car lost control and ended up crossing the centreline and hit us….we were so lucky to come away fine….but I just wanted to thank everyone that took the time to clear the road, check on us, contact all the local services and for genuinely caring and being there. I was in awe of them and truly amazed at how professional all the community volunteers were. I never got anyone’s names…..but would love a message to be passed on to them of our sincere gratitude. Our friends & family come out to Piha once a year for a Adults vs Kids cricket family day…..and today was my 1st time….so I’m still in shock, but truly thankful that your Piha community have such amazing people….. so from the bottom of our hearts thank you from my husband and I.”

Truly blessed
Tracey & Langstone Te Moni

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  1. Aussie Lizzie says:

    Hey Tracey & Langstone. My partner and I were 2 cars behind you when the accident happened. We are so happy to know that you are ok. We have been thinking about you both. Take care of yourselves. Lizzie 🙂 x

    • Tracey & Langstone says:

      Thank you so much Lizzie…..bit bruised but very thankful to be ok….so many scenarios had rushed through my head in those few seconds of helplessness….happy & blessed to be alive…I’m glad no one was hurt

  2. Cara says:

    Thank you so much Piha Community for looking out for my Mum & Dad during what could have been a fatal time for us. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, were are so grateful. Blessed x

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