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Terrible dog fight in Piha today.

2 Comments 04 October 2014

Injured Brooklyn

Injured Brooklyn

Terrible dog fight on Beach Valley Road today.

Today four visitors to Piha were walking down Beach Valley Road toward Piha Beach.  With them were four dogs. Unfortunately only 3 were on leads.

It was the biggest dog, not on a lead, that entered private property and badly attacked the dog that lived there and on a chain.    The noise was deafening.   I grabbed a large shovel  and ran toward it hoping it wasn’t a human being attacked and doing a quick brain search for what to do if it was.  It wasn’t but poor Brooklyn wasn’t doing well.

It’s a ghastly thing to take a shovel to a dog.  Very soon I was joined by a man with a chair that joined in.  Only then did the dog let go and take off.

Dogs on leads please

Dogs on leads please

The owners, Phil and Char, were devastated.   Brooklyn required a vet and Phil needed hospital care.  Char needed cuddles and the local kiddies walking past were very concerned – it’s all very upsetting and unnecessary.

I know there are lots of dogs in Piha that know each other and are relatively safe.  If we see dogs visiting that aren’t on a lead maybe it’s time to ask the owners, nicely, to restrain them.

The owner of the attacking dog  is paying the vets account and was very apologetic.

Left: the visitors to Piha with all their dogs on leads.  Unfortunately the largest one, on the right, wasn’t and attacked Brooklyn.


Injury from dog fight

Injury from dog fight

5th October.   This is the damage done to Phil’s hand.   He is going to need specialist medical attention as there is damage to a bone.  shocking !

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  1. Dave Short says:

    So only visitors are required to keep their dogs on a lead and Piha locals are exempt?? Locals are the worst offenders when it comes to not having their dogs on a lead. Is it going to take a child being attacked for people to get their heads out of the sand?!

  2. Dave White says:

    I agree with Dave Short! This isn’t a gated incest community! It’s a suburb of waitakere city! The locals out here are the worst at not putting their dogs on a lead.. My family has been out here since the 40s and this has been an on going issue through my childhood! I’ve even had my own puppy for 2-3 months now and it’s been attacked two times by local dogs who’s owners aren’t even within 200m of their dogs! In the community people think that because they’re a “piha local” they’re more important than the everyday person. Every dog, whether it be local or not, should have to be on a lead while not on the beach. If you choose to let your dog off its lead while on the beach then you should be responsible for your dogs actions.

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