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Tanks overflowing ? Alarms etc

0 Comments 20 July 2015

What happens to our water tank overflow?

  1. Where does your water tank overflow go?
    • Ours have overflow pipes that direct it toward part of our property were it causes no flooding harm
  2. Is it over your sewage drainage piping?
    • No because that eventually enters the waterways and pollutes them
  3. Does it run over your ‘old’ sewage tank?
    • We insist that our ‘old’ sewage tank is sealed when emptied to make sure winter rain and water tank overflow does not enter it causing big problems.
  4. What do you do when your ‘modern’ sewage system alarm goes off?
    • When our alarm goes off we toss a coin to decide who is going to remove and clean the filter and/or have it serviced as in the photo here.  We do NOT turn the alarm off.

SewagetanksAt this time of the year most of our tanks will be full to overflowing.  The answers to the questions above will have a direct impact on our stream / lagoon pollution.


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