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Piha Beach Carpark

Local News

Not good enough AKL Transport

4 Comments 18 April 2016

This is Piha Beach’s car park One of Auckland’s top beaches and this is the car park   I have never seen it in such shocking condition. I’m just going to post the photos – they tell the story on their own            

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Waitakere Ranges public transport

No Comments 18 March 2016

Public transport survey for residents of the Waitakere Ranges YOU really need do this . . . . from Auckland Transport From 18 March to 29 April, residents of the Waitakere Ranges area are invited to submit feedback on what public transport services they require, in a survey run by Auckland Transport. Do you live in the […]

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50km speed

Local News

Auckland Transport onto it

2 Comments 17 March 2016

Auckland Transport are responding to safety requests I have had dialogue with Auckland Transport (AT) about 3 safety issues in or around Piha. Auckland Transport now advise:    50 km/h sign need at top of Piha Hill The 50km/h signage when exiting Piha close the top of the hill has been assigned to the contractors for […]

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Piha Road

Local News, Piha Opinion

A reminder of what?

1 Comment 07 March 2016

Auckland Transport say “it’s a reminder” “The 50km roundel on the road is a reminder for people to slow down… and hence no signs” Okay AT but I took a drive from Lion Rock Corner to this ‘reminder’ looking for a speed indication sign.   Below: Leaving Lion Rock corner near the entrance to Piha Domain. No 50km […]

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Piha Road speed

Piha Opinion

Is it really that hard ?

No Comments 19 February 2016

Is it really that hard Auckland Transport ? Too often we hear residents complaining of speeding traffic between Piha Hill and the Karekare turnoff ?   I dread the day a car vs person happens. So I checked it out. Auckland Transport has put a ‘people walking’ sign up.   Photo bottom left:  The only sign it’s a 50km zone is its […]

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Piha Beach Milk Track

Local News, Piha Opinion

Bullying and hypocrisy

5 Comments 22 December 2015

The bullying of some people astounds me Representing the people’s needs  –  I don’t think so ! No !   they have now installed a pole to stop any wheeled  access other than bikes It started, I suppose, with the Beach Valley Road Project (BVR Project).  The Piha Ratepayers & Residents, mainly Helen Pearce and Monique […]

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No spray > > > responsibilities

No Comments 02 October 2015

You can register for ‘No Spray’ If you are a property owner or resident who does not want to have the street frontage of your property sprayed with herbicide, you can ask to be added to the No Spray list. Auckland Transport have given notice they will be spraying during October. One of the conditions […]

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Environment, Piha Opinion

‘AT’ you’re really pissing me off

No Comments 03 August 2015

Auckland Transport (AT) continue to destroy natives Year One and I thought ‘You’re joking!’  Year Two and I was ‘annoyed’.   Year three and I was gobsmacked but now, after four years,  I’m really pissed off. Yes : AT’s contractors, four years in a row, have mowed and weed-eated Beach Valley Road Project’s roadside natives. Hebes, Astelia, Carex, Knobbly […]

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Piha Opinion

Who are these people ?

1 Comment 30 July 2015

Democracy is being overridden in Piha ! When consultation is done and complete then plans agreed it is not for anyone to change or override without further consultation.  It’s not democratic  FULL STOP Left:  The consultation document used by WCC  (March 2011) for the Walk Safe Project.  If you open and look at it you […]

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Sand Maintenance Monday

No Comments 17 July 2015

Walkway and Car Park Sand Maintenance Maintenance is required along Marine Parade South to remove sand from the car park and existing walkway directly behind the retaining wall. The sand clearance works is programmed for Monday 20 July with the duration expected to be one day. During works access to the beach and the car […]

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Local News

Love Being a Local SLOW DOWN

1 Comment 18 May 2015

Love being a Local  Slow Down Speed is the single biggest road safety issue in New Zealand today. The Piha Community with support from Auckland Transport and New Zealand Police are working together to raise awareness of speeding issues on local roads.  Your Community is being targeted due to the number of speed related crashes that have happened. Speed […]

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Well done Auckland Transport

No Comments 03 February 2015

I’d like to know what they used What ever AT contractors used and however they applied it has been very effective in killing the gorse on Piha Road from the top of the Piha Hill to Scenic Drive. It’s great to see it dealt to.

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