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Who are these people ?

No Comments 13 August 2016

Auckland Local Elections 2016 The ‘final’ list is out and here are the West’s candidates New Zealand is a democracy.   We vote, one vote per person, for the people who represent us both at a Council level (Ward) and Local level (Board). Please vote     Council – Waitakere Ward (2) Linda Cooper – Independent […]

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Piha Opinion, What's Happening

Is this a ‘friend fest’ or what ?

6 Comments 10 August 2016

The Piha Ratepayers & Residents show their bias Election : Meet the Candidates they say ! It’s always been my observation that the Piha R & R are not here for us, the residents and ratepayers of Piha.   If they were then a whole lot more candidates would know about this. Today I contacted […]

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What is the truth – Up or down?

No Comments 19 July 2016

Auckland Council Chief Executive replies Has Auckland Council decreased funding for KDP?  (Kauri Dieback Programme) A group called ‘Waitakere Combined Residents and Ratepayers Assn Group meets bi-monthly. They recently wrote to Auckland’s Chief Executive Stephen Town, left,  about the ‘cut’ in Kauri Dieback.   For your interest, or not, here is their letter and Stephen Town’s […]

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Education Land Piha

Local News, What's Happening

Will Auckland Council purchase Edu Land?

No Comments 17 July 2016

Education Land in Piha Acquisition of public open space – Piha AC’s Parks, Recreation & Sports Committee meet this Wednesday July 20th and will decide whether to purchase the ‘Education Land’ in Piha behind the Art Gallery. There are three ‘groups’ in Piha interested in using the land The West Coast Art Gallery – use […]

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Piha Opinion

You’re joking – surely ?

No Comments 08 July 2016

I’m sure we all love the endangered Maui Dolphin WRLB has granted $11,000 for testing thermal imaging and camera system Questions: Surely the costs of this should lie with Central Government and not Waitakere Local Board’s funding from Auckland ratepayers? “Why is our Local Board funding $11,000 of  our Local Budget for NZ Crown assets?” Are any other […]

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Welcome Pack Heritage Area

Environment, Local News

What would you like ‘Welcome Pack’?

No Comments 30 June 2016

You’re moving into the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area What would you like to see in a  ‘Welcome Pack? So you’ve never lived in the Heritage Area but are about to move in.  Some of the things you might like to know could be: Rubbish collection including recycling Information, maybe, on your Local Area Plan Information on […]

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Vote Local Elections

Local News, What's Happening

2016 Local Elections : Get ready

1 Comment 27 June 2016

Get ready to vote in the 2016 Local Elections Councils, Local Boards, District Health Boards elections will be held later this year. Are you aware that if you own a property in Piha or Karekare or Anawhata etc and in the city that you can vote for two Local Boards? You only get ONE vote […]

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climbing asparagus

Environment, Piha Opinion

This really makes my blood boil !

2 Comments 20 June 2016

Can’t we stretch our $$$ a bit further ? We can spray Climbing asparagus but not Cape ivy ! This morning I was having a cuppa with a friend when he pointed out two guys with spray packs heading down Beach Valley Road.   Thinking of our naturally propagating Nobbly club rush and all the times […]

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Bush Road Waiatarua

Environment, Local News

$478,130 of our money for this !!!

3 Comments 16 June 2016

Local Government Official Information & Meetings Act 1987 Auckland Transport answer my questions: I am so disgusted at this I wrote a series of questions and have received the following answers:     Who was responsible for the weed eradication and planting? Answer: The project was initiated as a Waitakere Local Board discretionary project.  Local […]

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Waitakere Local Board Minutes

Piha Opinion

STOP spending our $$$ like this

3 Comments 27 May 2016

Ministry of Primary Industry, DoC and Councils pay Why is our Local Board paying for this too? It annoys me somewhat that the Waitakere Ranges Local Board, that is always crying poor, has allocated $48,000 for a part-time kauri dieback coordinator. I cannot find one other Local Board that spend their budget on regional or […]

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skating in Piha

Piha Opinion

Has the focus been lost ?

No Comments 21 May 2016

“A skateboard facility and a cycle way for the kids” So why is the focus now on buying the ‘Educational Land’? Left:  submissions to the Local Board in Sep ’14.  ‘The Piha Kids Charitable Trust‘ has asked the Local Board to include an upgrade to the sports field area of the Piha Domain,  a skateboard facility […]

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Not about us without us

Piha Opinion

No closed meetings Piha R&R

2 Comments 20 May 2016

Why would Piha R&R want a closed meeting ? From the Piha Ratepayers and Residents Minutes 5/2/16 “Community hui. A closed meeting for chairs and deputy chairs of Piha’s wide number of organisations to discuss issues of mutual concern and interest, with a view to collaboration where appropriate.“ I can’t understand why the Library Trust […]

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