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Summer prickles

0 Comments 04 August 2015

Don’t leave it till it’s too late

OnehungaOnehunga weed is one of the  few weeds I spray and I use Yates Turfix.

Onehunga weed is in a growth spurt now which seems a little early but we can’t trust the seasons anymore.  If you leave it until the seed heads have formed then you can look forward to prickles in the summer.  I’ll be spraying early September this year.

The public areas of Piha, especially the Piha Domain, is smothered in this ghastly thing.  It is spread by shoes etc.

Onehunga Weed – Yates

Onehunga weed is an annual weed which looks like a small ferny rosette about 20cm in diameter. Flowers are a tiny greenish-yellow. Seeds germinate in autumn but the Onehunga weed doesn’t put on much growth until spring. By the middle of spring each rosette of leaves contains a flowerhead with many spines. Seeds mature and drop from the plant by about the middle of summer. Onehunga seed is spread by foot traffic or on the fur of animals

If you don’t have a sprayer then for a fair charge I’ll come and do your place for you.  


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