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Students bus gets into trouble

0 Comments 17 October 2014

Rosehill College students

Rosehill College students

Rosehill College students tramped from Anawhata to Piha this week.

Their bus came to Piha Beach today to pick them up but hit, literally, a few problems.

First the driver headed down toward the Surf Club but quickly realised he would have a problem with the trees.  He backed out – most just keep going – and headed down to the South car-park to pick up the lovely students.

His problems weren’t over though.  Having tried several ways to turn around he ended up with the bus stuck on low wooden bollards on the road side.   Adding to his frustration, he told me, was that none of the Park Rangers were eager to help out even with a phone call.

I grabbed these photos while the driver and students were waiting for a tow to get them out of their predicament.

Such a shame – why can’t Council trim the lower tree branches so taller vehicles can get through.   I see and hear many vehicles hitting the Pohutukawa causing far more damage than an arborist’s saw would.

Anyway the kids were delightful and had a great time tramping the coast which hopefully will mean they choose to have an active life ahead of them.


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