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Strategic Weed Management Plan

4 Comments 11 June 2015

Jack Craw – Weed Management Strategy Waitakere

Jack Craw was commissioned by the Waitakere Ranges Local Board to write the report  “Waitakere Ranges Strategic Weed Management Plan” which will be received and adopted by the Local Board at their 11 June Meeting.
NOTE:  There will be no community  consultation on this report prior to it’s adoption.
Jack Craw, once described by Dr Andrew Montgomery as an ‘eco-fascist’ now operates his own company called Koru Bio-security Management. You can read more about that here in the Herald

After nearly 8 years with the Auckland Regional Council (ARC), Jack spent 3 1/2 years with Auckland Council’s Bio-security as Manager departing prior to the amalgamation.

Jack’s professional profile lists his skills as :  Planning, costing and implementing bio-security programmes for exclusion, eradication and control/ management; risk management; liaison / persuasion at any level; people management; celebrating

The Report’s Table of Contents includes:

Introduction – Why Have A Strategic Weed Management Plan?
The Weed Problem in the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area
Strategic Approach to Weed Management
1. Keep new weeds out of the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area altogether
2. Eradicate newly arrived, high-threat weeds
3. .Maintain specific weed-free areas as weed-free
4. Manage weed vectors
5. Control most important weeds at key locations
6. Roll back key weed infestations
7. Make weeds less competitive
8. Contain current infestations of most common weeds
9. Clean up, replant and restore other weedy areas; acting on regional, area or local priorities.
Community and Volunteer effort, Coordination, Information Exchange, Publicity
Consolidated List of Recommendations – with indicative timelines for implementation

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4 Comments so far

  1. gregpresland says:

    Greetings Bobbie. The comment about Jack is totally uncalled for. He is a very competent and talented person.

    Jack met with the Waitakere Ranges Conservation Network during the writing of the report. A stakeholder meeting was held which over 40 people attended. Feedback from the meeting was incorporated in the report.

    Draft copies of the report were circulated to stakeholder groups and yourself some weeks ago. There has been a lot of work put into getting feedback on the report despite what you say.

  2. Village Voice Editor says:

    Greg: There is absolutely no suggestion from me that Jack is neither competent nor talented. I quoted Dr Andrew Montgomery because that specific comment of his and subsequent discussions in media was very public and readers might recall it. It was the start of some excellent change in attitudes of plant nurseries and what they sold as well as the huge reduction in planting of palms in Auckland. A quick google would confirm this.

  3. gregpresland says:

    I think when you quote a vested interest’s criticism of Jack Craw, devoid of the context, you are in effect defaming Mr Craw, What possible relevance has Montgomery’s view of Jack Craw to his weed plan for Waitakere? If I were you, Bobbie, I would remove this part of your post. Jack is a very qualified, highly respected, senior member of the biosecurity workforce, whose work stands up anywhere.

    Sandra Coney Chair WRLB

  4. Village Voice Editor says:

    ‘Defaming’ ? click through to the 2006 NZ Herald article I have linked to and read it. It is a great article about Jack Craw. I recall this time in history and the effect it had on my own attitude to exotics in the Ranges. It changed many peoples views on keeping exotics away from the Heritage Area at least.

    I have listed Jack’s extensive time with ARC and AC Bio-security plus listed his large skillset. For the life of me I cannot see how anyone could read this as a ‘negative’ slant on Jack.

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