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Storm water in Piha – Wetlands

1 Comment 22 June 2016

Bad timing between Council departments ?

Piha folk are upset after ‘wetland planting’ in Piha Domain dug up

The following was posted on Piha Community Facebook page

“Gutted to see what left of our planting , done 2 weeks ago, after Fulton Hogan put a drain through. Why didn’t someone in Council works communicate with the environment dept? Grrrr! “

I have made inquiries and Council advises:

We will follow-up and make sure that necessary mitigation / replacement planting carried out.”

What the workers are doing is some storm-water management.  Something not very common in Piha I might add.

Here are some photos of the journey it’s taking

Garden Road Drain Piha

Storm-water rain on the northern side of Garden Road that goes underground.






Drainage pipe to Seaview Road

Drain from Garden Road exiting onto Seaview Road opposite Piha Community Library.





Water travels toward Lion Rock

Storm-water runs down the roadside toward Lion Rock.

I’ve been told, but not had it confirmed, that the diversion of the storm-water is to stop flooding of the Piha Library area.





Pipe across Seaview Road

Storm-water pipes placed under the road before the Piha Domain entrance.








Piping stormwater


Lots of piping.





Stormwater drainage

Area in the ‘wetlands’ excavated.






Wetland area dug up

Large area, that had been recently planted, bulldozed or something





Location from Piha Domain entrance

View from the entrance to the Domain with white circle showing the area in the photos above.

UPDATE 23/6/16

“Hi Bobbie

The works at Piha Domain are being undertaken by Auckland Transport as a result of a request from the Piha Rate Payers Association in regards to flooding issues under the library building.  This was being caused by a storm-water outlet from Garden Road exiting next to the library.  The project will detour the water away from the library by creating a new road crossing culvert  – there is an existing culvert but this is too small to cope with capacity.

AT should finish all works next week.

As an interim measure they will grass the area, and follow up with a mitigation plan.”

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1 comment

  1. Bunnyhugger says:

    There is not and never ever has been any flooding under the library. It remains as dry as a bone even in the middle of winter! That’s why most of the rabbits make their homes underneath it, the rest are under the post office. What a load of bollocks.

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