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Storm brewing in Huia

1 Comment 12 April 2015

There is a bit of a storm brewing in Huia

There are two issues here.

  1. The collapsing of the seawall at Huia and whether it should be fixed or should there be a ‘managed retreat’?
  2. The other issue is Local Board Members also being on Residents and Ratepayers Assns

I’ve often said that you should only represent a sector of society once.  For example if you’re on the Local Board I don’t think you should also be on a Ratepayers & Residents Assn for an area inside the Local Board’s boundary.   It can, and now is, causing problems.

Huia02Firstly Huia Seawall:  The issue of the collapsing seawall at Huia has been lurking in the background for a couple of years now.

Left: Photo after seawall and rocks have been removed.

Consultation was held in December ’14 to seek feedback on the proposed options for Huia Domain erosion remedial works and there is further consultation 14th April.

Huia01aLeft: Photo before the rocks were removed.

Basically there were two options:  1) Fix the seawall (majority of locals voted for this saying  it  will save the Huia Domain, the playground, native trees, toilet block & car park for the community & visitors forever!)  or 2) remove the seawall and have a managed retreat (Local Board’s preference and will result in the sea moving onto and over a portion of the Huia Domain).

Now representation:

The Local’s seem to be unhappy with the situation Local Board’s handling of it.  They say that while the majority submitted for a seawall rebuild the Council has already started removing the seawall and the rocks that were helping to stabilise the edge and the Pohutukawa trees.  They are asking where is Denise where is their Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Group?

Denis Yates is the Deputy Chair of the Waitakere Ranges Local Board – The Board will be making the final decision on the above options.  Denise Yates is also the Co-Chair of the Huia-Cornwallis Residents and Ratepayers Assn and lives in Huia.

Huia Seawall Stoush on stuff.co.nz 10th April

More information on SHAPEAUCKLAND

Huia SOS (Save our Seawall) web

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1 comment

  1. The Parks Department have told me the rocks were removed last year because they were causing erosion. The removal has not led to the erosion.

    It is completely wrong to say managed retreat is the local board’s preference. The Local Board has not made any decision on options and I have not heard a single local board member express a preference. You will have seen the agenda items on this subjects at our meetings which you attend, and there has been no decision at all about how to deal with the situation.

    The agenda items have been about options to consult the community on.

    Sandra Coney
    Chair WRLB

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