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Stop wasting our money

0 Comments 24 June 2015

Quality over quantity

Parks West are planting the stream edge of the Piha Domain for two reasons we are told

  1. Improve water quality by/and
  2. Stop erosion

BestPractice01If Auckland Council (Parks West) are leading the show you’d think we’d get ‘Best Practice’ ?  Wrong . . . . . all the plants, left, have been retrieved from the planting area.

First Up:  To stop erosion plants need to be planted on the side of the bank not on the edge of the domain.

Working with volunteers:  It’s an educational opportunity to show volunteers ‘best practice’ planting for each species.


Left:  There are a few things we need to do to give a plant, especially a rhizome, the best chance of growing.  Remove from the container,  with a sharp knife cut the bottom of the root ball off,  slice from top to bottom a few times around the root ball and then carefully loosen the roots before planting.  The hole dug for the plant should be at least double the size of the plant.


BestPractise02Left: Plants really should be removed from their containers before planting.

These plants will not grow. I have retrieved 10s of these and those in the 3 photos below from the stream side !

Instead of planting 800 or 1100 why not plant 500 properly ?


BestPractice07 BestPractice05 BestPractice06


BestPractice08Left: There is a really good clue that this is not a good place to plant.  Can you guess it ?




spitdumbyThis program has really annoyed me.  There is a lot I don’t know but I sure know about stream side planting.

  1. No consultation
  2. Had there been some consultation maybe parks would have got a few clues about how this stream and stream side is used
  3. No planting plan
  4. Some of the species used are wrong for the purpose / location and have died already.
  5. More appropriate stream side plants, to inhibit erosion,  have not been used
  6. No one at Council would listen or even respond to concerns
  7. Our rates have been wasted again !


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