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Stop wasting our money !

0 Comments 15 May 2016

Why can’t you get it right ?

Waitakere Ranges Local Board : you’re wasting our money again !

KykuyuWhy are you planting these natives in kykuyu?

You planted all the wrong plants at your last attempt and now your ‘preparation’  is sadly lacking to nonexistent!



A: Plan and prepare.  B: Plant  C: Maintain

A and C are the most important – B,  is the most fun.



Weed controlMy ‘bible’ to natives clearly says  “Environmentally damaging or invasive weeds These weeds will outgrow your plants as well as invade vegetation on streamsides and in the bush.  They need to be eradicated before planting .  . .    They include: kikuyu grass . . . . “STOP wasting our money !

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