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STOP spending our $$$ like this

3 Comments 27 May 2016

Ministry of Primary Industry, DoC and Councils pay

Why is our Local Board paying for this too?

Waitakere Local Board MinutesIt annoys me somewhat that the Waitakere Ranges Local Board, that is always crying poor, has allocated $48,000 for a part-time kauri dieback coordinator.

I cannot find one other Local Board that spend their budget on regional or transport issues.

Minutes of Waitākere Ranges Local Board – 12 May 2016

Kauri dieback coordinator work programme 2016/2017

MOVED by Member S Toms, seconded by Member NR Henderson:

“approve allocation of $48,000 from the board’s 2016/2017 budget to a project to raise awareness of kauri dieback in the Waitākere Ranges, including the appointment of a part-time kauri dieback coordinator to co-ordinate and implement a comprehensive community engagement project in the Waitākere Ranges Heritage Areas and to support the Auckland Council kauri dieback programme.”

Bush Road WaiataruaLeft: This shameful mess in Waiatarua was paid for by our Local Board.  Why?  It’s Auckland Transport’s responsibility.  So the Regional Parks are Auckland Council’s responsibility.

Why is our Local Board spending our money like this yet crying poor so often?

The Ministry of Primary Industry, Department of Conservation plus Councils have budgets for this valuable research and work.  Most of the kauri dieback in Waitakere is on Regional Land.

Click on the following Logos to see what various regional and/or national authorities are doing.  This is where the budget belongs.

MPI   DOC Auckland Council

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3 Comments so far

  1. Graham Rudd says:

    Local Body elections coming up Have your say with the pen!

  2. MB says:

    Sure bloody will. Sick of all the money being wasted.

  3. PS says:

    1. Govt. gave $26.5 Million to the Kauri Programme in 2014 for 4 years. One of the places Rose spoke on Kauri was the North Shore Trampers club – regional. It’s a regional problem mostly affecting regional parks. And should be funded by regional council $ and the significant govt $. 2. Christine Rose is from Rodney. We’re using local money again to employee Rodney residents. And she’s a local politician who’s job is now meeting all the community groups and attending events. This should have been a non-political person from Council Biodiversity.. 3. $48k for a part time job. Crikey. Not bad. 4. The stream funding in Waitakere is the same problem. We pay $1.1 million for environment mostly stream restoration. Citizen Science, Enviroschools and Waicare are all regional programmes. It should be clear in the accounts when there is an overlap what is provided by regional budgets and what the additional funding pays for.

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