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Shark on North Piha beach

1 Comment 05 December 2014

Shark on North Piha beach

SharkNthPihaA dead shark about 200 metres north of Lion Rock was brought to my attention today so I hiked off to take this photo.  My keys give some perspective to its size.

Can anyone identify which type of shark it is ?

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1 comment

  1. Village Voice Editor says:

    The shark pictured in the Village Voice story is a school shark (Galeorhinus galeus) – otherwise known as lemonfish (or tope, grey boy, soupfin shark, kapeta, …). Very common, there is a huge seasonal aggregation of pregnant females in the entrance to Kaipara Harbour and they also breed in Manukau Harbour, though not in the same numbers. There is about 3000 tonnes landed annually in NZ, and they’re a favourite snack of my study animal [the great white shark]. Used to be a huge customary fishery for these and rig (spotted dogfish) – dried shark. (Received from Village Voice Reader:)

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